Prayer Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Prayer Questions & Answers.

Written by G.A. Mehjoor, this poem is addressed to God. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of From The Diary Of A Young Girl, An Excellent Father and Pappachi’s Moth so, you can check these posts as well.

Prayer Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which way does the poet implore his Lord to lead him to?

Answer: The poet implores his Lord to lead him to the way of the truth and righteousness. He also wants Him to remove all his doubts and wishes to be enlightened by knowledge and morality.

Question 2: Name the blessings that the poet prays for.

Answer: The poet prays for the following blessings:

  • The path of truth and righteousness.
  • Pour him the nectar of knowledge
  • Establish love and respect for each other.
  • He prays that his heart is surcharged with passion, zest, and hope.
  • Freedom from idleness and infirmity.
  • Cure him from ills and pains

Question 3: What is it that the poet wants to sing?

Answer: The poet wants to sing those songs which will infuse life even into the dead. He wants to sing songs that can inspire people with love and vanish all hatred and bitterness.

Question 4. “Subject me not to the trials, shame not my human form”, explain?

Answer: Showing his humble submission before the God, the poet says that he is a man in form but the real substance of man is his humanity and he is far away from this. So, he requests God to spare him from the trials because he is sure to fail, and this way his human form be ashamed.

Question 5: Give one example of simile and metaphor used in the poem.

Answer: Example of simile:
‘Like dew how long shall I wait for the first flash of the sun’.

Example of metaphor:
Nectar of knowledge.

So, these were Prayer Questions & Answers.

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