Wrinkles Questions & Answers

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Composed by Arvind, this poem is a translation of a Dogri poem ‘Jhuriyaa’ by ‘Shivnath’. The poem revolves round the most beautiful creation of God i.e, Mother. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Prayer, From The Diary Of A Young Girl and Pappachi’s Moth so, you can check these posts as well.

Wrinkles Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tawi – a river of Jammu
  • Dupatta – veil
  • Uproot – to pull out
  • Make bold – become courageous
  • Comeliness – attractiveness
  • Navaratra – a festival of Hindus, celebrating the various forms of goddess Durga
  • Tinsel – glittering decorative metallic strips or threads

Question 1: How many wrinkles does the poet find on the mother’s face?

Answer: The poet finds four wrinkles on the mother’s face.

Question 2: What does the first wrinkle stand for/represent?

Answer: The first wrinkle represents the pain that she had at the time when she got married and was sent to her in-laws.

Question 3: What does the second and the third wrinkles represent?

Answer: The second wrinkle represents the sufferings that the mother went through when the poet was in her womb. The third wrinkle represents the time when she suckled him which wore away all her attractiveness.

Question 4: What activities the poet’s mother used to do when she was a girl?

Answer: When the poet’s mother was a girl, she used to enjoy the raade festival, immerse the raade seedlings in River Tawi. She used to bathe during the Navratras and was fond of playing hopscotch and the game of pebbles.

Question 5: What is the poet seeking under the wrinkles of the mother?

Answer: Under the wrinkles of the mother, the poet is seeking a young girl who would celebrate the raade festival with utter pleasure, and who would play the game of pebbles and hopscotch with happiness.

Question 6: What is the poet’s wish as it emerges in the last stanza of the poem?
How does the poem end?

Answer: The poem ends with the poet saying that he will bring colours of raade, tinsels for dupatta, colourful pebbles for his mother so that she would look like a girl as she used to look before her marriage. A girl who knew how to draw enjoyment from all the small things.

So, these were Wrinkles Questions & Answers.

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