Meeting Poets Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by Eunice de Souza where she advises the readers to judge the poets by their poetry rather than by their appearances. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Wrinkles, Prayer and An Excellent Father so, you can check these posts as well.

Meeting Poets Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Wig – covering of artificial hair which a bald wears
  • Disconcerted – confused
  • Dankness – unpleasantness
  • Wasp – a stinging insect. (here) bitterness in the speech of the poets
  • Air – (here) the behaviour of the poets
  • Speckled – covered with speckles (marks)

Question 1: Why is the poet confused when she meets poets?

Answer: The poet is confused because of the appearance of the writers (poets). She is confused when she meets poets because of the colour of their socks, the suspicion of a wig and the bitterness in their speech.

Question 2: What according to the poet is the best way to know the poets?

Answer: According to the poet, the best way to know the poets is to know their works of art. Their poems are a source by which we can know them.

Question 3: What does the poet compare the poets with?

Answer: The poet compares the poets with the cool speckled sea shells in which one could hear a sad but distant sea.

Question 4: Explain the phrase – ‘wasp in the voice’.

Answer: By the phrase – ‘wasp in the voice’ we mean the bitterness in the speech or writing of the poets. Writers (poets) usually come up with outspoken comments which are too harsh to hear.

So, these were Meeting Poets Questions & Answers.

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