Stars Speak To Man Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by Abdul Ahad Azad where he talks about the callousness and avarice of a man who happens to be the crown of creation. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Meeting Poets, Wrinkles and Prayer so, you can check these posts as well.

Stars Speak To Man Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Avarice – great desire to have wealth
  • Callous – insensitive
  • Apathy – lack of sympathy
  • Rekindle – bring back to life
  • Equitably – justly
  • Fashioned – given in a particular form
  • Apportion – distribute proportionally
  • Lament – mourning
  • Stupefying – making dull or dead to external influences
  • Grumble – to complain
  • Delude – mislead
  • Hackneyed – obsolete

Question 1: What do the stars say to man in the first two lines?

Answer: In the first two lines, the stars say to man that God had made man wise and with the capability of making sound decisions. However, he has become a destroyer. He has chosen the path of fire and put the entire human race to shame.

Question 2: Why is man described as a serpent?

Answer: Nature had thrown open the doors of all its treasures to man that he was supposed to share equally. But he has confined these treasures to himself and is not letting anyone to get closer to it. So, the man is described as a serpent.

Question 3: Nature had fashioned you to apportion love and affection But you took to buying and selling religion and faith instead. Explain these lines.

Answer: In these lines, the poet says that the nature had made man to share and distribute love and affection. However, instead of spreading love and affection, he has started using religion and faith commercially.  

Question 4: “That which you call awakening is a stupefying hangover”. Why?

Answer: Man worships God but follows the devil in real life. In the name of religion and patriotism, he has wreaked havoc. That is why the poet calls awakening is a stupefying hangover.

Question 5: Do you think the poem is a wake-up call? Explain.

Answer: Yes, this poem is a wakeup call. In this poem, the stars try to make man aware of his duties and responsibilities on earth. They remind him of what he was made for and what he was doing. This poem reveals the apathy of a man who has brought about chaos on the otherwise peaceful planet (earth) due to his insensitivity.

So, these were Stars Speak To Man Questions & Answers.

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