Achilles Questions & Answers

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Achilles Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

(a) The narrator first met the Rose Beetle man on a lonely road leading to one of the remote mountain villages.
(b) The Rose-beetle man carried on his back bamboo cages full of pigeons and young chickens and several mysterious sacks.
(c) The narrator liked the small tortoise because he was small, alert and sprightful.
(d) The narrator says that Achilles is an intelligent beast because he learnt his name soon and responded well to others.
(e) Achilles liked human company as he would appear whenever anyone come into the garden.

Question 2: How was the Rose-Beetle Man dressed?

Answer: Rose-Beetle Man’s dress was fantastic. On his head was a hat with a wide, floppy brim. His shirt was worn and round his neck dangled a cravat of startling blue satin. He had worn a coat with bulged pockets, patched trousers and a pair of leather shoes with upturned toes.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
He held up both hands, fingers spread out. I shook my head firmly and held up two fingers, unconsciously imitating him.

(a) Who are the two people referred to here? What were they doing?

Answer: The Narrator and the Rose-Beetle Man, are the two people referred to here. They were negotiating the price of the small tortoise which the narrator wants to purchase from the Rose-Beetle Man.

(b) Why were they not having a verbal conversation?

Answer: The narrator realized that the Rose-Beetle Man was unable to speak, hence they were not talking.

(c) What was the result of their interaction?

Answer: The result of their interaction led to finalization of the price of the tortoise to be five rupees.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
But the fruit that Achilles liked best was wild strawberries.

(a) How did the narrator know that Achilles liked this fruit the best?

Answer: The narrator knows that Achilles liked Strawberries the best because at the mere sight of them Achilles would show uncontrolled emotions and would quickly eat them.

(b) How did Achilles eat this fruit, both the small and big ones?

Answer: Achilles would gulp the small ones as soon as he gets them. For the big ones he would grab the fruit and holding it firmly in his mouth, stumble off at top speed until he reached a quiet spot, where he would eat it at leisure.

(c) What would Roger do to Achilles after he was fed?

Answer: Roger would lick vigorously Achilles mouth to get the grape-juice that the reptile had dribbled down on himself.

Achilles Questions & Answers

Question 5: How do we know that the Rose-Beetle Man cared well for his pets?

Answer: He had kept his pets in a sack. When he undid his sack half a dozen tortoise came out tumbling. He had polished their shells with oil and decorated their front legs with little red bows. This shows that he cared well for his pets.

Question 6: What made the narrator select one particular tortoise from among the other animals?

Answer: From among the other animals, one was energetic than others. Its shell was of the size of a tea cup. Its eyes were bright and its walk was alert. This fascinated the narrator and he was convinced to select this particular tortoise as his pet.

Question 7: How did Achilles enjoy eating strawberries?

Answer: Achilles liked the wild strawberries the most. He easily swallows the small sized strawberries but when he was given the big one, he would grab it to a quiet spot among the flower beds to eat it at the leisure time. He was very fond of wild strawberries.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
…..the family wandered about the olive-groves, shouting, ’Achilles……strawberries, Achilles….’At length, we found him

(a) How had Achilles escaped?

Answer: Achilles got escaped from the garden because One day the Garden gate was left open and Achilles was nowhere to be found.

(b) Explain why the family shouted ‘Strawberries’ during their search?

Answer: While searching, the family shouted strawberries because Achilles was very fond of strawberries, so that they could easily find him.

(c) Where did the family finally find Achilles? What had happened to him?

Answer: Finally, the family found Achilles in the well, the wall of which had long since disintegrated. He had fallen into the well and was quite dead.

Achilles Questions & Answers

Question 9: How were Roger and Achilles rivals?

Answer: Both Roger and Achilles liked grapes. Before the arrival of Achilles, Roger enjoyed full part of grapes. Now the Achilles became his partner, therefore there was a great rivalry between them.

Question 10: Why did Achilles find Roger irritating?

Answer: Achilles was very fond of grapes, when he ate grapes, the juice would run his chin, and Roger would like watching him his mouth dripping saliva. Roger would creep up to Achilles and lick him vigorously to get the grape juice which irritated Achilles.

Question 11: How did Roger feel at Achilles’ funeral?

Answer: Roger kept on wagging his tail throughout the Achilles’ funeral. This could mean that either he was missing Achilles or was feeling happy that his rival was dead.

Question 12: There are many instances of humour in the story. Pick out any two of them.

Ans. The story has many humorous instances. Eating of grapes by Achilles and running of juice from his mouth is humorous. Searching down the path of sunbathing person and sleeping on a belly is a humorous instance in the story.

So, these were Achilles Questions & Answers.

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