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The dialogue is based on a dramatic poem in Dogri by Ram Nath Shastri and translated into English by Shivnath. Using the device of personification, the author gives human attribute of speaking to various elements of universe like the wind, the stars, the moon, the cloud, the ocean, and the earth. The passing wind asks the question, “what is life?” to all the above-mentioned elements of the universe and each one of them give their own perspective about life.

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Life Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Confronting – facing, meeting or dealing with a difficult situation or person
  • Captivity – when a person or animal is kept somewhere and is not allowed to leave.
  • Rumble – to make a continuous low sound
  • Shroud – a cloth or long loose piece of clothing that is used to wrap a dead body before it is buried
  • Penance – an act which shows that you regret something that you have done, sometimes for religious reasons
  • Mamta – motherhood
  • Renunciation – the act of leaving or abandoning someone or something
  • Boon – something that is very helpful and improves the quality of life; blessing
  • Meditating – thinking deeply
  • Comprehend – to understand
  • Yearning – desiring

Question 1: What answer did the stars give to the wind?

Answer: Since the stars have their own light so they answered in their own way. They told the wind that they have their own light and with this light they shine the others to find their way. They are independent. Life of dependence is no life. Having their own light is the life for them.

Question 2: What was the moon’s reply?

Answer: The moon replied that its life is nothing without stars because it borrows its light from them and this borrowed light is the cause of its black spots. Due to this, its life is like a widow. Its life is dependent on others and feels lifeless entity.

Question 3: What was the ocean’s response?

Answer: The ocean replied that the idea of life is to realize one’s limits and maintain one’s dignity to contain all bitter experiences and take them as pearls and rubies.

Question 4: What was the earth’s reply to the question put forth to her by the wind?

Answer: For earth the meaning of life is ‘love’. Earth considers herself the mother of all lives and says that the sympathy of mother is the gift of life. Earth says that it takes water from clouds, rivers, and streams and distributes everything that sprouts from it, so this taking and giving is life for her.

Question 5: What was the little girl doing when the wind saw her?

Answer: The little girl was lighting new lamps with the lamp that was already alight in her hand.

Question 6: Why was the Wind impressed by the little girl?

Answer: The wind was impressed by the girl because she found the real meaning of life from the words that the girl told her. The wind understood that helping those who have a strong desire to live is the real meaning of life.

Question 7: Why did the wind join the girl?

Answer: The wind joined the girl because she was impressed by the answer given by her. She felt delighted at what the girl was doing. Thus, the Wind forgot everything and joined her.

So, these were Life Questions & Answers.

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