Building A Shelter Questions & Answers

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Building A Shelter Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) This extract is about a family that

i. worked together to build a shelter when they were marooned on an island.
ii. lived on an island while on a holiday
iii. worked together to build a tree house
iv. built a house on a lonely island

(b) The family had enough rope to make ladder but they needed bamboo to make

i. the roof of their tree house
ii. the steps of the ladder and some bows and arrows
iii. wooden furniture
iv. bows and arrows for each of them

(c) The narrator and his eldest son held guns because they

i. did not have any other weapons
ii. were going to hunt animals in the forest
iii. were not sure what kind of animals they might face
iv. were scared of being unarmed

(d) Flora barked excitedly because she

i. knew there were birds in the bushes
ii. was very brave
iii. was walking in the forest
iv. liked playing in the bushes

(e) On Sundays, the family

i. ate, played and slept
ii. prayed, rested and talked among themselves
iii. prayed and played
iv. went for walks in the forest

(f) The father did not want the house to be called Eagles’ Nest because he

i. felt falcons were braver than eagles
ii. did not think it was like a nest
iii. liked falcons better than eagles
iv. thought they were not as great as eagles yet

Question 2: How many people were there in Robinson family? How do we know this?

Answer: There were six people in the Robinson family. We know this because they hung six hammocks from the higher branches.

Building A Shelter Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘We hung six hammocks on to some higher branches. Finally, we covered the branches above us with the satin cloth to make a roof.’

(a) How are ‘we’ referred here?

Answer: ‘We’ is referred to the ‘Robinson Family’.

(b) What were they doing?

Answer: They were making a house on the branch of a tree.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

‘Our brave dog Flora walked in front of us. Suddenly Flora jumped into the bushes barking excitedly.’

(a) Whom do ‘our’ refer to in the above lines?

Answer: ‘Our’ is referred to the Family dog, Flora.

(b) Where were ‘they’ going?

Answer: ‘They’ were going to the woods.

(c) Why were ‘they’ going there?

Answer: They were going there to get some pieces of bamboos to make steps of ladder and some bows and arrows.

Question 5: The Robinson family gave the name to certain place. Complete the table.


BaySafety BayGod brought them to safety there.
MarshFlamingo marshFound flamingos.
BridgeFamily bridgeThe whole family help to make it.
CapeCape disappointmentThey looked in vain for sailors.
New homeFalcons’ nestThey were as brave as falcons

Question 6: Do you think the Robinsons had a difficult time or did they have a lot of fun too?

Answer: I think the Robinsons had a difficult time because they had to build a shelter without many tools in the wild. This required a lot of physical effort and creative thinking. They also had to keep a continuous check on danger. The Robinson’s carried out all these activities very cheerfully and most importantly together as a family. Thus, their co-operation and cheerful attitude made their difficulties a little easier to handle.

Question 7: What is your impression of Robinson family? Choose the suitable words.

Answer: The Robinson’s family is caring, fun-loving and clever. They are also creative, hard-working, brave and smart. Even after being marooned, they did not lose hope and with their consistent effort and optimistic approach, they built a shelter for themselves.

So, these were Building A Shelter Questions & Answers.

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