The Little Inspiration Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Little Inspiration Questions & Answers.

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The Little Inspiration Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences about Hellen Keller.

(a) Before the age of 2 years, she had lost her sense of sight and hearing.
(b) By the age of seven she could communicate with her family using sixty different signs.
(c) She threw temper tantrums because her inability to talk frustrated her.
(d) The fact that words could be spelt was the beginning of a new life for Helen.
(e) Helen learnt to read slowly and steadily with the help of her teacher Anne Sullivan.
(f) Helen’s progress was speeded by her remarkable memory and her ability to put her fingers on a person’s lips and understand the words being spoken.
(g) Helen’s first book was The Story of My Life.
(h) She became famous and travelled around the world, speaking to groups of people.

Question 2: Complete the sentences about Anne Sullivan.

(a) She was educated at South Boston, Massachussets.
(b) She was a teacher at Perkins Institute for the blind.
(c) She herself suffered from blindness/visual impairment.
(d) At the age of twenty, she became a teacher.
(e) She could understand Helen’s feelings.
(f) It was through her efforts that Helen learnt to spell words.
(g) She remained a good friend and teacher to Helen for 49 years.

Question 3: Choose the correct option:

(a) Though the illness did not last for a very long time.

i. it has caused irreparable damage to her eyes and ears.
ii. it affected all her senses.
iii. it made her a physically and mentally challenged person.

(b) By the age of seven, Helen was able to

i. learn to read the Braille
ii. learn the entire sign language
iii. communicate some ideas to her family

(c) Anne Sullivan was a part of the Perkin’s Institute for the Blind

i. as an instructor for the blind
ii. as a student and then a teacher
iii. as a teacher and then a student

(d) Once Anne Sullivan spelled the word WATER in Helen’s hand,

i. Helen got enthusiastic about learning the names of all things around her
ii. Helen was able to spell all words herself.
iii. Helen learned to read and write

(e) Helen became famous and spoke to different people about her life in order to

i. gain sympathy and fame
ii. bring about confidence and encouragement in people with similar problems
iii. collect money for a house

Question 4: Both Helen and Anne were true heroes in their own aspects. Justify this statement.

Answer: Hellen Keller, despite being both blind and deaf, was an extremely determined person who possessed a remarkable memory and an amazing skill to understand a person’s words by putting her fingers on his lips. She wrote a book called ‘The Story of My Life’. She became famous and travelled around the world speaking to people.

Similarly, Anne Sullivan, also was an unsung hero who devoted her life to teach Helen. She, too was visually impaired but could understand Helen’s feelings and helped her overcome all the trials and obstacles which were there on her way to success. Helen owned a lot to Anne Sullivan.

So, these were The Little Inspiration Questions & Answers.

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