A Report On Cleanliness Questions & Answers

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A Report On Cleanliness Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘As we can’t teach it as a subject, like chemistry, geography, or biology, we did the next best thing.’

(a) What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to cleanliness.

(b) Who says these words?

Answer: The Principal of St. Saviour School, Mrs. Lata Mishra says these words.

(c) What is the next best thing?

Answer: They give prizes to students who maintain cleanliness and appoint students as cleanliness monitors.

Question 2: How are some schools setting a good example?

Answer: Some schools are setting a good example. Lord’s Shepherds Senior Secondary School has launched a clean and green city campaign. The school management and 150 students of the senior secondary classes went on a cleanliness march to the neighbouring colony and village to convey the message of a cleaner and better India to banners, posters, slogans and street plays.

Question 3: What did Sherlock School organize?

Answer: Sherlock School undertook a cleanliness drive with the host of activities. They organized a wide range of events which included skits, debates and speeches and held interclass and interhouse competitions. The students took a pledge to clean their school, homes, public places and surroundings. During the morning assembly, a play on ‘Clean India’ was enacted to highlight the importance of hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness.

Question 4: Why do you think the students and staff were motivated?

Answer: The students and staff of Sherlock School were motivated because the principal, S. Roberts and the Vice Principal Mrs. Rachel Pinto, enthusiastically picked up brooms and garbage bags to clean up every nook and corner of the classrooms, corridors, schoolgrounds, parking lot and the nearby areas along with them.

Question 5: What is the unique approach adopted by Saviour School?

Answer: Saviour School has an agenda of action points for students, teachers and other staff members to ensure that the school remains clean and free of clutter. The staff and the students take the cleanliness pledge called ‘Swachhta Pledge’ every day during the morning assembly. The principal feels that if the students are taught about the need to maintain basic sanitation and cleanliness in all aspects, they will also ensure that these are maintained at home too. This would make it easier for society to spread the message of a clean and beautiful city.

Question 6: Why are academic institutions the best place to teach about cleanliness?

Answer: Academic Institutions are the perfect places to teach the value of cleanliness at school, home and public places because children spend most of their time in the school.

So, these were A Report On Cleanliness Questions & Answers.

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