The Arrow and The Song Stanza Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Arrow and The Song Stanza Wise Summary.

Written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, this poem illustrates the impact of words on the lives of others. In one of my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Windmill which is written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow only so, make sure to check that post as well.

The Arrow and The Song Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 1

“I shot an arrow……………………….it in its flight.”

In the first stanza, the poet tells how he shot an arrow that flew in the air swiftly. However, he is unsure about where it fell on the ground. This is because the arrow went so fast that he could not follow its flight. In this stanza, the arrow represents unkind, harsh words or something that can cause destruction.

Stanza – 2

“I breathed a song………………………..the flight of song?”

In this stanza, the poet is talking about the song that he sang in the open. Again, he is not aware where it has reached as there is hardly anyone who is keen to follow where the song reaches. Here, the song represents kindness and pleasing words or something which is warm and friendly.

The Arrow and The Song Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 3

“Long, long afterward……………………….the heart of a friend.”

In the last stanza, the poet says that when he walked in search of that arrow and song, he found both of them. Both were lying undisturbed however, the arrow was lying on the ground and the complete song was there in the heart of a dear friend.

This poem talks about the fact that words are unbroken. We lash out at someone or say unkind words but we may not always see the consequences. However, a time comes when we regret saying those words because they eventually come back to us. The poem says that the arrow was not broken and was lying on the ground undisturbed. Similarly, our words remain undisturbed and unbroken and will remain in the world forever once you let them out.

When the poet sang a song, it also disappeared and when the poet went in search of it, it was also lying undisturbed but in the heart of a friend. So, it is important to think before you speak as your words can touch people’s hearts and can have a great impact on the lives of others.

Thus, the poem represents the impact of hatred in the form of an arrow and the permanence of joy in the form of a song.

So, this was The Arrow and The Song Stanza Wise Summary.

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