A Robbery Questions & Answers

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A Robbery Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Suspicious – something not right
  • Burgled – robbed
  • Ruffians – troublemakers
  • Driving past recklessly – here, driving away dangerously
  • In a mess – in total disorder

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Mr Sharma’s house was robbed when he and his family had gone for a___________.

i. movie
ii. wedding
iii. walk

(b) The police__________everyone in the neighbourhood.

i. questioned
ii. arrested
iii. dismissed

(c) Raju saw a man who was holding a___________.

i. wallet
ii. shoe
iii. bag

(d) Finally, the thief was arrested because of a___________and a shoe.

i. fingerprint
ii. footprint
iii. tattoo

Question 2: Complete the sentences:

(a) Vasant Colony was shocked because a house in the colony had been burgled.
(b) Jewellery and cash had been stolen from the Sharma’s house.
(c) The police found the thief’s footprints in the garden.
(d) Inspector Naresh called all the suspects to his room and questioned them.
(e) All the witnesses gave different descriptions of the suspects.
(f) Gattu was identified as the thief because the shoe found in the garden fitted him perfectly.

Question 3: Why did Raju think that man he saw was the thief?

Answer: As the man he saw was moving very fast holding a bag close to his chest and was coming from the direction of Mr. Sharma’s house so Raju thought he was the thief.

Question 4: Why did Samir think that the man he saw was the thief?

Answer: Samir thought that the man he saw was the thief because he was walking very fast and kept looking back again and again.

Question 5: Why did Mrs. Mani think that the two men on the motorcycle were the thieves?

Answer: Mrs. Mani thought that the two men on the motorcycle were thieves because they looked like ruffians, in a hurry to get away.

So, these were A Robbery Questions & Answers.

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