Clever Bobo Questions & Answers

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Clever Bobo Questions & Answers

Before going further, let me give you a brief summary of this chapter.


Once upon a time, there lived a cruel lion called Bhasuraka. He was fierce and powerful and very proud of himself. He would kill the animals whenever he liked whether he was hungry or not. All the animals of the forest were very worried. So, they held a meeting with the lion. They told Bhasuraka that daily one animal will come to you and this would also save him the trouble of hunting. From that day onwards, an animal was sent to Bhasuraka every day.

One day, it was the turn of Bobo, a rabbit. He was very clever. He thought of a plan that would save him as well as the other animals of the forest. He went to lion very late. The lion was furious at Bobo. Bobo told the lion that there was another lion who killed the other rabbits. Both of them went to the well. Bhasuraka saw his own reflection and thought there was actually another lion. He ran away and that is how Bobo saved all the animals with his cleverness.

Word Galaxy

  • Fierce – dangerous
  • Echoed – repeated
  • Furious – very angry
  • Dense – thick  
  • Reflection – mirror image
  • Breathed a sigh of relief – relaxed

Clever Bobo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why were all the animals in the forest worried?

Answer: Bhasuraka, the lion, used to kill the animals whenever he liked even when he was not hungry. So, all the animals were worried because they thought in sometime none of them would be alive.

Question 2: What was the decision taken by the animals at the meeting in the forest?

Answer: The animals decided that they will send one animal to the lion’s den every day.

Question 3: Why was Bhasuraka furious when he saw Bobo?

Answer: Bhasuraka was very hungry. So, when he saw that a tiny rabbit had been sent for him, he got furious.

Question 4: What reason did Bobo give for his late arrival?

Answer: Bobo said he was caught by another lion. He had escaped from there and so, he got late.

So, these were Clever Bobo Questions & Answers.

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