Computer Memory Questions & Answers

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Computer Memory Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Which of the following storage devices records data only once?

i. CD-R
ii. Pen drive
iii. CD-RW
iv. DVD

(b) It is a collection of facts and information.

i. data
ii. information
iii. byte
iv. bit

(c) Complete the following unit of measurement for computer storage. 1 KB = ___________

i. 1024 MB
ii. 1 TB
iii. 1 GB
iv. 1024 Bytes

(d) It is fixed on the motherboard inside the CPU cabinet.

i. Primary memory
ii. Pen drive
iii. Secondary memory
iv. CD

(e) The smallest unit for measurement of data in a computer is called a______________.

i. bit
ii. byte
iii. megabyte
iv. kilobyte

(f) It is a type of computer memory that allows to change, print, copy, move or delete data whenever required.

i. primary memory
ii. secondary memory
iii. CD
iv. DVD

(g) The __________________ is often referred to as the main memory of the computer.

i. hard disk
ii. pen drive
iii. RAM
iv. CD

(h) Which of the following is the full form of DVD.

i. Digital Versatile Drive
ii. Digital Versatile Disc
iii. Drive Versatile Disc
iv. Disc Versatile Drive

Question 2: Give the full forms of the following:

(a) KB – Kilobyte
(h) MB – Megabyte
(h) GB – Gigabyte
(h) TB – Terabyte
(h) RAM – Random Access Memory
(h) ROM – Read Only Memory
(h) CD-R – Compact Disk Readable
(h) CD-RW – Compact Disk Rewritable

Computer Memory Questions & Answers

Question 3: Answer in one word.

(a) What is the storage capacity of a pen drive?

Answer: 8 MB to 2 TB

(b) What does ‘1’ and ‘0’ represent in digital systems?

Answer: ‘1’ represents ON state.
‘0’ represents OFF state

(c) How many bits combine to form a byte?

Answer: Eight

(d) Each character that is typed with a keyboard is made up of how many bytes?

Answer: One

(e) Which is the smallest unit of information or data that can be stored in a computer.

Answer: Bit

(f) Name any two types of secondary storage devices.

Answer: CD, DVD, Hard disk, Pendrive

Question 4: Write down the most appropriate storage device that can be used for each requirement.

(a) It is used in digital cameras or mobile phones to store images, videos, and music.

Answer: Memory card

(b) It is a small, rewritable and portable storage device that has to be inserted into the computer’s USB port to store or retrieve information from it.

Answer: Pen drive

Question 5: Write the approximate storage capacity of the following devices.

(a) DVD – 4.7 GB – 17 GB
(b) Blu-ray disc – 25 GB to 50 GB
(c) CD – 650 MB – 900 MB
(d) Pen drive – 8 MB to 2 TB

Question 6: Snehal and Renu are preparing for a competitive exam. Snehal has one video lecture of 5 GB stored on his computer. Which device will Snehal use to give the lecture to Renu? CD or DVD? Justify your answer.

Answer: Snehal should use DVD as storage capacity of DVD is more than CD and DVD can store upto 17 GB of data.

Computer Memory Questions & Answers

Question 7: What is the use of a hard disk?

Answer: The hard disk can store a huge amount of data that includes the operating system, application programs and other files such as images, documents, music and videos.

Question 8: Differentiate between ROM and RAM.


i. It is called as Read Only Memory.i. It is called as Random Access Memory.
ii. It keeps the data permanently.ii. It keeps the data temporarily.
iii. It is called as non-volatile memory.iii. It is called as volatile memory.
iv. The data remains as it is even if the computer is switched off.iv. The data gets erased if the computer is switched off.

Question 9: Differentiate between Primary memory and Secondary memory.


Primary memorySecondary memory
i. It is more expensive than secondary memory.i. It is less expensive than primary memory.
ii. It is used to store data and programs that can be directly and quickly accessed by the processor while the computer is running.ii. It stores data permanently until it is deleted or overwritten.
iii. It is also known as internal memory.iii. It is also known as external memory.
iv. The capacity of primary memory is much lesser than secondary memory.iv. The capacity of secondary memory is much more than primary memory.

Question 10: Why is secondary memory called as external memory?

Answer: Secondary memory is called as external memory since it is usually located outside the computer.

Question 11: Why are pen drives so popular? Give reason.

Answer: Pen drives so popular because:
i. It is a small, lightweight, removable and re-writeable portable data-storage device.
ii. Pen drive is easy to use and is available with a storage capacity ranging from 8 MB to 2 TB.
iii. It can be used for copying and moving data from one computer to another.

So, these were Computer Memory Questions & Answers.

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