Games At Twilight Questions & Answers

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Games At Twilight Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Arid – moisture-less
  • Receded – moved away
  • Livid – dark bluish grey
  • Bawled – wept noisily
  • Contemplated – thought about
  • Insignificance – unimportance
  • Despairing – grief-stricken
  • Whimper – sound made to express pain, fear or unhappiness
  • Depressing – distressing
  • Spooky – weird

Question 1: Describe the afternoon when the children wanted to play outside.

Answer: When the children wanted to play outside, the afternoon was too bright and hot. The white walls of the veranda blazed in the sun. The colourful Bougainville hung above it. No life stirred at that arid time of day.

Question 2: What did the children do as soon as they went out?

Answer: As soon as the children went out, they felt released. They began to tumble, push against each other, being frantic to start the game they decided to play, hide and seek.

Question 3: Read these lines and answer the questions:

‘Please, Ma, please, ‘they begged. ‘We’ll play in the veranda and porch – we won’t go a step out of the porch.’

(a) Who were the speakers?

Answer: The children were the speakers.

(b) What did the speakers want of their mother?

Answer: The children wanted their mother to let them play out.

(c) Did the children keep their promises of not stepping out of the porch?

Answer: No, the children did not keep their promises as they were soon playing in the garden.

Question 4: What according to Ravi was the loveliest scent in the world?

Answer: According to Ravi, the sweet smell of water on dry earth was the loveliest scent in the world.

Question 5: Where did Ravi hide? Why was he pleased with himself at choosing that place?

Answer: Ravi hid himself inside the old shed next to the garage. The shed housed all old things and was not open for a very long time. Ravi shivered with fear for choosing such a place but he also trembled with delight and with self-congratulations at hiding successfully and outwitting.

Question 6: What shapes could Ravi dimly see in the shed?

Answer: Ravi could dimly see the shapes of old wardrobes, broken buckets, old bathtub and bedsteads around him in the shed.

Question 7: What did the children do while Ravi was hiding?

Answer: While Ravi was hiding, Raghu had found all the other children a long time ago. There had been a fear about who was to be the next ‘it’ so much so that their mother made them change to another game, then they played another and another game, broken mulberries and eaten them, help the driver wash the car, help the Gardener water the plants, then they began to sing, play and chant again.

Question 8: Read these lines and answer the questions:

The game proceeded. Ravi could not bear it.

(a) Who were playing the game?

Answer: The children were playing the game.

(b) Why could Ravi not ‘bear it’?

Answer: Ravi wanted victory and triumph after hiding in the shed for so long, but instead he had been forgotten and left out.

(c) Were the other players sympathetic towards Ravi? Give reasons for your views.

Answer: The other players were not sympathetic towards Ravi. They had quite forgotten him and had begun to play another game. When Ravi claimed victory, they ignored him.

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