Yakshagana The Celestial Beauty of Dance Questions & Answers

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Yakshagana The Celestial Beauty of Dance Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Amalgamation – the process of combining two or more things
  • Surreal – very unusual
  • Resemblance – similarity
  • Impeccable – faultless
  • Troupe – group
  • Pivot – a person who takes the central role
  • Affiliated – officially attached
  • Critiqued – criticized
  • Debut – first public performance
  • Captivating – charming
  • Acclaim – praise and recognition
  • Compulsion – obligation

Question 1: Which dance forms does Yakshagana resemble? How long has it been performed?

Answer: Yakshagana resembles Kathakali of the neighbouring state of Kerala and Terukuttu of Tamil Nadu. It has been performed for more than 500 years.

Question 2: How has storytelling evolved over the years?

Answer: Storytelling has changed over the years in both patterns and means.

Question 3: ‘As most things do, Yakshagana, as an artistic and commercial performance, has seen a transition through time.’ Explain.

Answer: The modern changes in Yakshagana involve a shortening of length of the performance. Also, the performances are not limited to mythological tales alone but explore a variety of subjects including Shakespearean plays and modern films.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

While some might call it a gross corruption of a traditional art form, others call it the impact of a globalized community.

(a) What is ‘it’ being talked about here?

Answer: Here ‘it’ refers to ‘Yakshagana’.

(b) What is the ‘gross corruption’ referred to here?

Answer: The gross corruption is the modern changes in the dance form. They take up not only mythological tales but also Shakespearean tales.

(c) Explain the phrase ‘a globalized community’.

Answer: A globalized community refers to a large group of people whose outlook is international.

Question 5: What is required for a Yakshagana performance to be successful?

Answer: For the Yakshagana to be successful, there must be coordination between the actors on the stage and the background musicians.

Question 6: Write a short note on any one aspect of Yakshagana.

Answer: Makeup and costumes are an important aspect of Yakshagana just as in any kind of performing art. It is surreal and therefore has a visual impact. The actors wear heavy makeup that is usually made up of vegetable dyes. The faces of the main characters are painted pink while the villains wear heavy eye makeup. Faces of Gods such as Rama and Krishna are painted blue.

Question 7: When and where did the Kateel Mela start? How has it grown in size and scope?

Answer: The Kateel Mela was started in 1867 in a town called Kateelu. Initially, they began to perform with a single traditional troupe. As the demand for their performances grew over the years, they formed six troupes and the group has attained acclaim not just in Karnataka but has gone on to cross the seas.

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