Go Kiss The World Questions & Answers

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Go Kiss The World Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were the narrator’s earliest memories about Koraput?

Answer: The narrator’s father was a District Employment Officer in Koraput, Orissa. His earliest memory of Koraput was that there was no electricity, no primary school nearby and water did not flow out of a tap. As a result, the narrator did not go to school until the age of eight; he was home-schooled.

Question 2: Why did the narrator’s father not purchase a radio for the family?

Answer: The narrator’s father did not purchase a radio for the family as he believed in living a simple life and radio was a luxury in those days. The father said they did not need a radio as they already had five radios, referring to his five sons.

Question 3: Was the narrator’s fear of the enemy poisoning their water realistic? Why?

Answer: The narrator’s fear of the enemy poisoning their water was not realistic. It was a fear of his imagination, which was fired by the ongoing war at that time.

Question 4: Explain the phrase ‘unlocked my imagination’.

Answer: The war triggered the narrator’s imagination into believing something that was not really happening. This made him understand the power of imagination. He learnt to unleash his imagination and believe in his dreams.

Question 5: Why has the narrator referred to the hospital as ‘inhuman’?

Answer: The narrator referred to the hospital as ‘inhuman’ as it was cockroach-infested, dirty and the staff was uncaring. It did not meet any standard of quality.

Question 6: How was the narrator inspired by his father’s attitude towards the nurse?

Answer: When the narrator’s father was nice to the nurse despite her shocking behaviour, the narrator learned that there was no end to how concerned you can be for another human being. He also learned that success is defined by your ability to rise above your discomfort, whatever your current state. These are the principles that he followed to reach his success.

Question 7: What was the earliest memory that the speaker had of his father?

Answer: The speaker’s earliest memory of his father was as a District Employment Officer in Koraput, Orissa.

Question 8: How many siblings did the speaker have?

Answer: The speaker had four siblings.

Question 9: What was the first thing the speaker’s mother built at every new place they lived?

Answer: The speaker’s mother built a fence with twigs and planted some seedlings at every new place.

Go Kiss The World Questions & Answers

Question 10: As children, what fascinated the speaker and his siblings?

Answer: As children, the speaker and his siblings were fascinated with the advertisements in the newspaper for transistor radios.

Question 11: What was the speaker’s first job?

Answer: The speaker’s first job was as a clerk in a government office.

Question 12: What were the three things did the speaker’s mother continue to do even after she went blind?

Answer: The speaker’s mother continued to do her morning yoga, sweep her room and wash her own clothes despite her blindness.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Why was the speaker’s father given a jeep?

Answer: The speaker’s father was given a jeep by the government because he was District Employment Officer.

(b) Why did the speaker’s father not use it to commute to office?

Answer: The speaker’s father did not use jeep to commute to office because he believed that it was not his jeep but the government’s jeep and so, he should not misuse it. he used to walk to office every day.

(c) How was the speaker family expected to treat the driver?

Answer: The jeep driver was treated with the respect that was due to any other member of the father’s office.

Question 14: Read and answer the questions:

‘We do not need house of our own. I already have five houses.

(a) What did the speaker’s father refer to as ‘five houses’?

Answer: The speaker’s father refers to his sons as ‘five houses’.

(b) Why do you think he referred to them as ‘five houses’?

Answer: He referred to them as ‘houses’ because they were his most significant and worthy possessions.

(c) What lesson did the speaker and his siblings learn from this comment?

Answer: The speaker and his siblings learnt that it was important not to measure personal success and sense of well-being through material possessions.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Who was she and why had she come to the speaker’s father?

Answer: She was the nurse and she had come to the speaker’s father to change the blood transfusion bottle that was empty.

(b) Why was the speaker’s father concerned about her?

Answer: The speaker’s father was concerned that the nurse was working long hours at night, when she should ideally be at home.

(c) Why was the speaker stunned?

Answer: The speaker was stunned because the nurse was rude and uncaring but his father still spoke to her so kindly.

Question 16: What difficulties did the speaker face in Koraput during his childhood?

Answer: The speaker did not have the luxuries of electricity, primary school or water from a tap. Because there was no school till he was eight years old, he was home schooled till then.

Question 17: Reading the newspaper aloud daily was one of the household duties of the speaker. Why was he grateful for his practice later in life?

Answer: The speaker was grateful because it was this duty of reading the newspaper aloud that taught him that the world was larger than Koraput. He also acquired the English language through this habit. From the newspaper routine, the speaker also learned about showing consideration to others. His father would say: You should leave your newspaper and your toilet the way you expect to find it.

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