Hopscotch Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Hopscotch Questions & Answers.

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Hopscotch Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Marker – a counter used for playing game
  • A course – a series
  • Skilled – here, requiring a particular ability as expertise
  • Variant – alternative
  • Lateral – here, side by side
  • Nimbleness – swiftness and lightness of movement
  • Version – form or type

Question 1: Describe how you play a game of Hopscotch.

Answer: Hopscotch is a simple yet skilled game. To play the game, a player needs a marker such as flat stone, tile or shell. The player stands behind the starting line and tosses the marker into first square. Then, he/she hops over first square to second and continues hopping until all eight squares have been played. At the eighth square, the player turns around, hops through the square once more to second square. Here, he/she pauses and picks up the marker from first square, hops over first square and steps out.

Question 2: How is game of Numbers Hopscotch different from normal Hopscotch you play?

Answer: The game of Numbers Hopscotch is different from normal Hopscotch because the player hops on alternate numbers and shouldn’t step on the wrong square. They do not have to use a marker or a tile in this variation. It is a fun variation of an old favourite.

Question 3: Do you think children still play street games? Where do they play them?

Answer: Yes, the children still play street games. The children in the rural areas are mostly seen playing these games, on the streets or wherever there is open area.

Question 4: Why should children play informal and outdoor games with their friends?

Answer: Children should play informal and outdoor games with their friends because it involves physical activity, keeps them physically fit, relaxes the body and build sportsmanship.

So, these were Hopscotch Questions & Answers.

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