The Thousand Petalled Lotus Questions & Answers

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The Thousand Petalled Lotus Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Pace – speed of walking
  • Generosity – open-handed
  • Plight – difficult situation
  • Dismounted – got off
  • Enchanted – attracted
  • Secluded – very quiet
  • Sworn – serious promise
  • Valiant – brave

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) King Vikram got lost………..

i. because he forgot his way.
ii. when riding in the forest.
iii. while chasing a wild boar.
iv. while looking for someone to help.

(b) King Vikram came to a lake and………

i. started talking to a young man.
ii. found his men waiting there.
iii. watered his horse.
iv. started looking for the wild boar.

(c) Inside the lake, King Vikram found………

i. a garden with a lake of lotuses.
ii. a beautiful lady.
iii. a beautiful city.
iv. all of the above.

(d) We know King Vikram was famous for helping others because……..

i. he had a lot of courage and could help others.
ii. the young man at the lakeside said so.
iii. he jumped into the pond.
iv. people spoke of his ability and desire to help others.

(e) Prince Ajit Deh became jealous of King Vikram because Vikram……

i. was full of courage.
ii. had seen such wonderful things inside the lake.
iii. had got a hundred lotuses.
iv. had been given permission to enjoy the riches of the city.

Question 2: What did King Vikram see on the banks of the lake?

Answer: King Vikram saw stone steps leading into the water. On the last step, he saw a young man with sad eyes. The young man was thin and his bones stuck out sharply. He looked unhappy.

Question 3: Describe the beauty of the lotus.

Answer: The lotus appeared on the surface of the lake once in 8 days. The flower (Lotus) had thousand petals with all the colours of Indra’s bow. Its fragrance was sweeter than that of jasmine. According to king Vikram, the lotus had an unearthly beauty. The prince was deeply enchanted by the lotus.

Question 4: What happened to the lotus whenever the prince tried to pluck it?

Answer: The prince was haunted by the beauty of lotus. The prince sat down there to see many moons come and go. Whenever he tried to pluck the lotus, which appeared on the 8th day on the surface of the water, it immediately sank back into its watery home.

The Thousand Petalled Lotus Questions & Answers

Question 5: What happened when King Vikram jumped into the lake?

Answer: When King Vikram jumped into the lake, the water sucked him down. Later, he found himself in a strange but beautiful city.

Question 6: What did the king do when he saw the lotus and what happened later?

Answer: The king promised the prince that he will pluck one lotus for him. When the king saw the lotus, he jumped into the water. There in the underwater, the king saw up towering palace and the beautiful garden. There he saw thousands of beautiful lotuses. As king Vikram tried to pluck on lotus guards rushed out from the palace but king fought with them bravely. Then, a beautiful lady came who was influenced by his bravery and kindness. She told king Vikram that he can take as many lotuses as he wants.

Question 7: Why did prince Ajit Deh become jealous of King Vikram?

Answer: Prince Ajit Deh became jealous of King Vikram because he had seen wonderful things inside the lake.

Question 8: How did the prince react after getting the lotuses?

Answer: After getting the lotuses, the prince was overwhelmed. He was very happy to see the blossoms. But, when the king told him about the underwater palace and the beautiful lady, he became envious. He said that it was because of him, the king was able to see the beautiful palace and meet the lady.

Question 9: What is the moral of the lesson?

Answer: The moral of the lesson is that if one has determination, courage and selflessness then, nothing is impossible to do.

Question 10: Describe the underwater city.

Answer: It was a beautiful city having a towering palace with a secluded garden. There were wondrous flowers everywhere and the trees were heavy with fruits. In the middle of the garden, there was a lake covered with lotuses.

The Thousand Petalled Lotus Questions & Answers

Question 11: Write the character sketch of:

(a) King Vikram

King Vikram was a legendary king of ancient India, He is often portrayed as the ideal king known for his generosity, courage and justice. courage and justice. Vikram respected intelligent and wise persons. He had a strong determination as he decided to stay back into the river. He was courageous as he jumped into the river to pluck the lotus.

(b) The Prince

The prince name was Ajit Deh. He was the son of Jaswant Deh who was the king of Patan. The prince had a strong inclination for spirituality. He was not charmed by the luxuries of the palace. The prince decided to go on a pilgrimage and visit the sacred shrines at an early age. He was jealous and indecisive, as he could not gather the courage to jump into the water and when the king told him about the beautiful lady and the palace, he became jealous.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:
King Vikram………………….dark hollows.

(a) When did King Vikram realise that he was lost?

Answer: King Vikram realised that he was lost when he had ridden far into the forest.

(b) What did King Vikram see on the bank?

Answer: King Vikram saw stone steps leading into the water when he sat down on the bank to rest.

(c) Describe the young man sitting on the last step.

Answer: The young man was sad-eyed and thin. His bones stuck out sharply and his eyes had sunk into his head.

(d) Find out a word from the passage which means ‘got off’.

Answer: Dismounted

So, these were The Thousand Petalled Lotus Questions & Answers.

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