Midnight Wood Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Midnight Wood Questions & Answers.

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Midnight Wood Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mist – a cloud of tiny drops of water hanging just above the ground
  • Frond and fern – (here) plants and leaves
  • Snigger – laugh quietly in a disrespectful way
  • Hunchback – a hunchback is a person with a back that sticks out in a large lump, (here) animals
  • Clutching – holding tightly
  • Owlets – baby owls
  • Otter – a small animal that has four webbed feet, a small tail and thick brown fur

Question 1: Did you notice that each of the four stanzas in the poem describes one group of things that might make us afraid when we are alone in a wood at night? Can you list them?

(a) The things we see.

Answer: The things we see are shadows, mist, moonlight, stars and clouds and a hunchback as well.

(b) The sounds we hear.

Answer: The sounds we hear are – the sound of moving plants and leaves, the clutching grass creating the sound of giggling laugh.

(c) The things the river hides.

Answer: The things the river hides are – Otter, water-rats, old can, bones of fish and men.

(d) The threats we face.

Answer: We face the threats of getting lost forever and death.

Question 2: What do these phrases mean?

(a) ‘Hunchback shapes’

Answer: In the poem, the ‘hunchback shapes’ refers to the shadows that give an impression of a person having a large hump on his back.

(b) ‘Clutching grass’

Answer: ‘Clutching grass’ refers to the grass that holds a person tightly while moving in a wood.

Question 3: Look at stanza 3. Which of the objects mentioned would you normally not expect to see in a river? How do you think they got there?

Answer: The object that we normally not expect to see in a river are – old cans and the bones of fish and men. The poet used these things to create horror, suspense and fear.

Question 4: If you believe what the owlets are actually saying, would you want to go to the wood?

Answer: Yes, I would like to go to the wood because I like facing challenges instead of being afraid.

Question 5: Why do you think the poet repeats the phrase ‘dark in the wood’ several times?

Answer: The poet has done this repetition several times to create horror and fear. Anyone if gets stuck alone in the dark forest would be scared of the darkness.

Question 6: Are the sounds and sights described in the poem frightening in themselves? Does darkness have something to do with the way we feel in a wood at night?

Answer: Yes, of-course the sounds and sights described in the poem frightening in themselves. The poet has created so many illusions regarding darkness of wood that activate the sub-consciousness of human brain thereby making him imagine the things. Darkness creates the scary moods.

Question 7: If you found yourself all alone in a wood at midnight, would you be frightened?

Answer: Yes, of-course I would be frightened if I found myself all alone in a wood at midnight. However, I would try to find the way to bring myself out of that forest and would face this situation with courage.

So, these were Midnight Wood Questions & Answers.

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