Cookies For Santa Questions & Answers

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Cookies For Santa Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dozen – set of twelve
  • Gobbled up – ate quickly
  • Resist – not able to stop oneself from doing oneself
  • Disappear – something not visible
  • Accidentally – something done by mistake

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

(a) To start with, there were ______________ cookies on the plate.

i. a dozen
ii. eleven
iii. two

(b) The poet dropped two cookies on the floor, and then ___________.

i. ate the ones that fell
ii. ate all the cookies
iii. put them back on the plate.

(c) The poet decides that Santa

i. doesn’t like cookies
ii. loves cookies
iii. shouldn’t be eating cookies anyway

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) The cookies were baked by Santa – False
(b) The cookies did not taste very good – False
(c) The speaker ate up all the cookies – True
(d) Five cookies fell on the floor – False
(e) The speaker told Santa that the cookies were not tasty – False

Question 3: Where did the speaker arrange the cookies at first?

Answer: At first, the speaker arranged the cookies on a plate.

Question 4: For whom did the poet set out the plate?

Answer: The poet set out the plate for Santa Claus.

Question 5: After baking the cookies, what did the poet do with them?

Answer: The poet ate all the cookies one by one after baking them.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
‘I sure hope he likes the plate’

(a) Who is the poet talking about?

Answer: The poet is talking about Santa Claus.

(b) Why does the poet hope he likes the plate?

Answer: As the poet had already eaten all the cookies and there was only an empty plate left and poet thought its best for Santa as he needs to watch his weight.

Question 7: ‘Another couple disappeared …….’ What do you think happened to them?

Answer: The line here meant that the poet had eaten up two more cookies.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
‘All the damage had been done’

(a) What was the ‘damage’?

Answer: The damage was that the boy had accidentally eaten up all the cookies.

(b) Who did the ‘damage’?

Answer: The boy did the damage.

Question 9: Which line in the poem tells you that the poet had baked tasty cookies?

Answer: The line ‘I couldn’t quite resist…….so I ate another one’, tells us that the poet had baked tasty cookies.

Question 10: In the end, what does Santa get for Christmas?

Answer: In the end, Santa gets an empty plate for Christmas.

So, these were Cookies For Santa Questions & Answers.

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