The Tree Questions & Answers

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The Tree Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Who is Aunty Vaijayanti in the play?

i. Anjana
ii. Lady II
iii. Meena

(b) Sarabai was cooking her food in a

i. Solar cooker
ii. pressure cooker
iii. big vessel

(c) Which animal did the sensible woman not take with her?

i. Monkey
ii. Rabbit
iii. Snake

Question 2: How was the space station Pentoid different from the Earth that Grandpa described?

Answer: The space station was highly scientific and advanced. It was human-made and hence there were no trees, water, plants or animals. Grandpa’s Earth was a planet that had trees, animals, fruits, flowers and water. Trees gave shade, flowers and fruits. On the Earth, birds sang, peacocks danced and cool water flowed in rivers.

Question 3: How did the Earth children: (a) Freeze (b) defreeze? What reason did Lady II give for the defreezing?

Answer: (a) The children freezed because Lady II pressed a button in a small remote-control contraption and said loudly, “Freeze Earth children.”

(b) The children defreezed when two birds came and sat on their shoulders. They sang a beautiful song and the children were able to move again.
The lady cited the magical touch of a loving bird as the reason for defreezing.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
“Some time back there was one sensible woman on the Earth.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Sarabai said this to the children.

(b) Who was the ‘sensible woman’?

Answer: The ‘sensible woman’ was Vaijayanti.

(c) Why did the speaker call the woman ‘sensible’?

Answer: The speaker called the woman ‘sensible’ because she took some saplings and animals to a different planet and grew a life there.

(d) What happened next?

Answer: Next, the children went to meet the ‘sensible’ lady.

Question 5: What ‘favour’ did the children want from Lady II? What did Lady II gift to the children before they left?

Answer: The ‘favour’ that the children wanted from the lady was that she should visit their space station and the Earth. The lady gifted saplings to the children.

The Tree Questions & Answers

Question 6: Mention the promise that the children made to Lady II before leaving for Pentoid.

Answer: Before leaving for Pentoid, the children promised to make their living places as treeful and joyful as Octoid.

Question 7: Write the quaint story that Sarabai narrated to the children in your own words.

Answer: Sarabai said that some time back, there was one sensible woman on the Earth. She was indeed far-sighted, realistic and wise. She urged people to preserve the environment and told them what would happen if they deprived the Earth of its greenery. Yet, no one listened to her. The Earth people kept deforesting the world. Their crazy deeds became unbearable for her and she decided to leave the Earth. She carried with her a pair of young trees and a lot of soil. She took a pair each of the deer, peacock, monkey, rabbit, parrot and tiger. Finally, she chose two little children, Anjana and Dev. She flew into the space with her large family. After steering in space for a while, she finally landed on the abandoned space station, Octoid. She worked in absolute secrecy. She wanted no soul on the earth to know because she wanted none other in the spaceship.

Question 8: Why do you think people living on the Earth have spoilt its face?

Answer: People living on the Earth have spoilt its face to fulfil their selfish needs without caring about the nature.

Question 9: “I like this place. What a contrast from the Earth!” Why does Plura say this?

Answer: Plura says this because unlike Earth, the place was green and the air smelled fresh. There were trees all around and animals played freely.

Question 10: Sarabai says, “Today, we are suffering from untold miseries because our own people were ignorant and unwise for long.” Do you agree with her? Discuss.

Answer: Yes, I agree with her as the miseries that we are facing today are due to the fact that we have been unwise and ignorant for long. For our greed, we have spoilt the Earth and plundered its natural resources. By our actions, we have polluted the Earth, its air and even water. our misdeeds have made our life miserable. Today, we are prone to natural and human-made disasters and diseases.

So, these were The Tree Questions & Answers.

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