The Railway Children Questions & Answers

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The Railway Children Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rumbling – a long low noise, like thunder in the distance
  • Bringing up the rear – coming last
  • Mound – small hill
  • Awestruck – filled with wonder
  • Down – (here) the railway line running parallel to the up line
  • Skirting – here, moving around the edge of the mound
  • Flannel petticoat – a light, loose garment made of soft woollen cloth, worn by a girl under a dress
  • Faltered – spoke in a way that was not confident
  • Sleepers – the heavy beams of concrete or wood on which the rails of a railway are fixed
  • Slackened swiftly – slowed down quickly
  • Feebly and jerkily – weakly, making sudden starts and stops

Question 1: Think of appropriate words to describe three children and give reason for your choice.

(a) Bobbie

Answer: Bobbie is practical as she shows Peter how to tear the petticoat.

(b) Phyllis

Answer: Childish. She was scared of the landslide and consider it as magic. She was worried about her petticoat and didn’t want Peter to tear it.

(c) Peter

Answer: Intelligent and smart
He had the presence of mind that the mound can lead to the accident. Thus, he gave the idea of waving the red flag.

Question 2: What do you think caused the rock and the trees to get uprooted and crash into the railway track below?

Answer: A landslide caused the rock and the trees to get uprooted and crash into the railway track below.

Question 3: Why do you think the children choose to make red flags?

Answer: The children chose to make red flags because red colour is easily distinguished from the distance and red flags are also used for signaling a train to stop.

Question 4: How do you think the engine driver and the passengers must have felt when the children told them that why they had stopped the train?

Answer: They must have felt relieved to have avoided the fatal accident. They must have felt thankful and grateful to the children who saved their lives by risking their own.

Question 5: Do you think Bobbie was foolish in standing on the track and waving her flag? What could have made her faint at the end of the story?

Answer: Bobbie was not foolish rather she wanted to avoid the fatal accident. She was trying to give her hundred percent to save many lives. She was anxious that she fainted with relief or exhaustion when the train got stopped.

So, these were The Railway Children Questions & Answers.

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