Money Madness Questions & Answers

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Written by D.H Lawrence, the poem presents the social and moral degradation that madness for money causes. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of A Psalm of Life, The Ballad of Father Gilligan and Television so, you can check these posts as well.

Money Madness Questions & Answers

Question 1: Are all the people of the world money mad? Which line says this?

Answer: Yes, all the people of the world are money mad. The line – “Money is our madness, our vast collective madness” says this.

Question 2: Are all the people equally mad for money or degree of madness varies from person to person?

Answer: Though the whole world is running behind money but the degree of madness varies from person to person.

Question 3: How does a person feel when he parts with a pound of money?

Answer: A person feels a sudden acute pain when he parts with a pound of money.

Question 4: How does a person feel when he hands out a ten-pound note?

Answer: A person feels very much shocked and shivers at the loss when he parts with a ten-pound note.

Question 5: What kind of feeling does money create in us?

Answer: Money creates fear in us. It frightens us and enables us to frighten others. The fear of money becomes so intense that we find it difficult to hide.

Question 6: Are we really afraid of money or moneyed men?

Answer: We are really afraid of moneyed man but not of money. It is money which changes human nature. It develops cruelty in man. The moneyed man becomes greedy and loses his sanity of mind and starts exploiting his own fellow men.

Question 7: What do people say about a man’s worth?

Answer: People try to assess the value of a person from the amount of money he possesses instead of his qualities. They have only one parameter to decide the worth of a person and that is money. So, when they find someone without money, they regard the person worthless or useless and look down upon him.

Question 8: How many times is ‘dirt’ repeated in the poem? What does the poet mean by ‘dirt’?

Answer: The word ‘dirt’ is repeated five times in the poem. The poet has used this word metaphorically to denote indignity, contempt and humiliation.

Question 9: How do money-mad men treat men-without-money?

Answer: Money-mad men treat men-without-money very badly. They criticize, scold and use abusive language towards them. They find out all sorts of methods to exploit, torture and torment the moneyless men.

Question 10: What does a man without money fear – poverty or dishonor by eating ‘dirt’?

Answer: A man without money fears dishonor by eating ‘dirt’. This is because the poor never complains or feels life difficult to live but they find the criticism of the moneyed men really very insulting and get frightened.

Question 11: Why does the poet say ‘We must have some money’?

Answer: The poet says that ‘We must have some money’ in order to live a life of dignity. If we have no money, we will be humiliated and sneered. Moreover, it is the money which helps us to acquire all the essential amenities.

Question 12: What does the poet mean by ‘bread’, ‘shelter’ and ‘fire’?

Answer: The poet means food by ‘bread’, a home by ‘shelter’ and warmth or dress by ‘fire’.

Question 13: Why does the poet repeat the words ‘all and anybody’?

Answer: The poet repeats the words ‘all and anybody’ to emphasize the strong need of these basic needs – bread, shelter and fire, for all to stop money madness among people.

Question 14: What does it mean ‘to regain our sanity’?

Answer: ‘To regain our sanity’ means to reclaim our noble values of life, sense of goodness and all other virtues that separates humans from animals. If everything is available free of cost, there will be no money madness and hence, we can regain our sanity.

Question 15: What are the two things implied in ‘It’s one thing or the other’?

Answer: The two things are, either we must stop money madness for our survival or we will kill one another for money.

So, these were Money Madness Questions & Answers.

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