On The Way To School Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share On The Way To School Questions & Answers.

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On The Way To School Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. Ali and Aliya walk to school because

(a) their school is nearby.
(b) their school is faraway.
(c) their parents do not have a car.

2. Who cooks in Ali and Aliya’s house?

(a) Kamal Bhaiya
(b) Lakshmi Didi
(c) Somesh Uncle

3. Tanya’s father is a

(a) shopkeeper.
(b) dentist.
(c) gardener.

4. Whom do Ali and Aliya meet near the park?

(a) Lakshmi Didi
(b) father
(c) Somesh Uncle

Question 2: What did Lakshmi Didi tell Ali and Aliya?

Answer: Lakshmi Didi told Ali and Aliya that today, there would be a big surprise lunch and they would enjoy eating it.

Question 3: Where did Ali and Aliya’s mother take Ilyas Bhai?

Answer: Ali and Aliya’s mother took Ilyas Bhai to the dentist as he was having toothache.

Question 4: Who is Somesh Uncle? What does he do in the morning?

Answer: Somesh Uncle is a traffic policeman.

In the morning, he goes for long walks in the park.

Question 5: Why was there no newspaper in the morning?

Answer: There was no newspaper in the morning because Kamal Bhaiya’s (who brings milk and the newspaper every morning) scooter’s tyre got punctured.

Question 6: What would happen if Somesh Uncle did not do his work properly?

Answer: Somesh uncle was a traffic policeman. If he did not do his work properly then, people would not have followed the traffic rules properly and road safety would not have been maintained.

Question 7: What would happen if Kamal Bhaiya did not have a scooter and had to walk?

Answer: If Kamal Bhaiya did not have a scooter and had to walk then, every morning no one would be able to get milk and newspaper on proper time.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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