Postman Ronit on a Round Questions & Answers

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Postman Ronit on a Round Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Busy – engaged in work
  • Letter – written message
  • Deliver – give, handover
  • Neighbourhood – area around the house
  • Treats – cures
  • Sick – unwell
  • Airmail – sending mail by air
  • Enemies – opponents

Question 1: Why has postman Ronit a busy day today?

Answer: Postman Ronit has a busy day because he has many letters to deliver in the neighbhourhood.

Question 2: Who is a chemist?

Answer: Avi is a chemist.

Question 3: What is the occupation of Rita Khanna?

Answer: Rita Khanna is a doctor.

Question 4: Where does Mrs. Jain teach?

Answer: Mrs. Jain teaches children in Delhi Public School.

Question 5: Who fights against the enemies of his country?

Answer: Captain Smith fights against the enemies of the country.

Question 6: Fill in the blanks:

1. Ronit goes to Jack’s house.
2. Avi gives a glass of cold water to postman Ronit.
3. There is a yellow envelope for Rita Khanna.
4. There is an airmail for Captain Smith.

Question 7: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. Postmana. treats the sick people.
2. Chemistb. fights for our country.
3. Doctorc. delivers letters.
4. Teacherd. bakes breads and buns.
5. Soldiere. sells medicines.
6. Bakerf. teaches children in the school.

Answer: 1-c, 2-e, 3-a, 4-f, 5-b, 6-d

Question 8: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Jack bakes breads and buns – True
2. Ronit is a chemist – False
3. There is a yellow envelope for Mrs. Sharma – False
4. Captain Smith fights cases in a court – False

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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