Pukan and Her Family Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Pukan and Her Family Questions & Answers.

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Pukan and Her Family Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Chef – a person who cooks food for people in a hotel or a restaurant
  • Artist – someone who paints, sings, dances or makes sculptures
  • Delicious – tasty
  • Bakery – a place where breads and cakes are made and sold
  • Wags – to move (a tail or finger) from side to side or up and down

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

1. There are ……………… members in Pukan’s family.

(a) five
(b) six

2. Pukan’s family is ……………….

(a) big
(b) small

3. Pukan’s house is ……………….

(a) big
(b) small

4. Pukan is ……………….

(a) young
(b) old

Question 2: What is the name of Pukan’s dog?

Answer: Pukan’s dog is called Kiddy.

Question 3: What does Sam do in a hotel?

Answer: Sam works as a chef in a hotel.

Question 4: What work does Grandpa do?

Answer: Grandpa takes Pukan to school and helps everyone with the household work.

Question 5: Who does not work at all in the family?

Answer: Kiddy does not work at all.

Question 6: Look at the words in bold and tell whom they refer to.

1. He works in a big hotel.(Dad/Grandpa)

Answer: Dad

2. She paints pictures.(Mother/Grandma/Pukan)

Answer: Mother

3. Pukan calls her Grandma.(Anu/Ragini)

Answer: Ragini

4. He is a family member too. (Pukan/Dad/Grandma/Kiddy)

Answer: Kiddy

Question 7: Do you think Pukan’s family is happy? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I think Pukan’s family is happy family because they spend time together.

Extra Questions:

Question 8: Where does Pukan live?

Answer: Pukan lives in a small red house in Goa.

Question 9: What are Pukan’s parents?

Answer: Pukan’s father, Sam is a chef and he works in a very big hotel. Pukan’s mother, Anu, is an artist and she paints pictures.

Question 10: With whom Pukan goes to school?

Answer: Pukan goes to school with her grandfather, David.

Question 11: Who makes milkshake for all?

Answer: Pukan’s Grandma, Ragini makes milkshake for all.

Question 12: What does Kiddy eat for dinner?

Answer: Kiddy eats an egg in his dinner.

Question 13: Who guards the house at night?

Answer: Kiddy guards the house at night.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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