Rashid’s School At Okhla Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Rashid’s School At Okhla Questions & Answers.

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Rashid’s School At Okhla Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) As they drove to Okhla, Kitty had to sound the horn many times because the traffic was comprised largely of________.

Answer: Slow-moving vehicles like bullock carts and camel-carts.

(b) When they reached Okhla, they noticed a typical________.

Answer: Rural scene with the men away at the fields the women at the well.

(c) Rashid wished to bring about political consciousness amongst the people through__________.

Answer: Meetings and counselling.

(d) Initially, Rashid’s school failed to attract children because the parents___________.

Answer: Wanted their children to learn the family profession.

(e) They agreed to send their children to his school only when it_______.

Answer: Began to offer a means of income by teaching them to reel cotton.

(f) After a while, the positive influence of schooling was felt in the village. The influence that the school had on the students was evident from________.

Answer: Their mother’s desire to learn as well.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:
They were frankly skeptical.

(a) Who were skeptical and of what?

Answer: Villagers were skeptical of learning, reading and writing.

(b) What were their earlier experiences?

Answer: Earlier they remembered that it had taken the quicker ones a short enough time to learn, to read and write and an equally short time to forget all they had learned.

(c) What did ‘they’ prefer instead?

Answer: They preferred that as soon as the children of the village were old enough, they should learn to work in fields to support their families economically.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
‘It is astonishing’ said Kitty, how they can accept the idea of world geography when they have never been further than 20 miles from their villages’.

(a) What caused Kitty to make this remark?

Answer: Kitty made this remark after seeing a group of children in school yard who were building a relief map with the help of mehndi leaves’ red dye to colour the countries in map.

(b) What did this prove about Rashid’s efforts?

Answer: This proved that how Rashid was putting efforts to teach them the value of using natural things instead of the expensive ones that they could not afford.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
‘It must have needed a great deal of courage to carry through a scheme like that,’ she said, turning to Rashid.’

(a) Who made this remark?

Answer: Author’s mother made this remark.

(b) What did the person mean by this remark?

Answer: She means that the scheme of extending the village school system to other communities around Delhi is not an easy task.

(c) What according to Rashid were better resources than courage?

Answer: According to Rashid, hard work and money were better resources than courage.

So, these were Rashid’s School At Okhla Questions & Answers.

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