Reggie Mouse’s Shrinking Clothes Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Reggie Mouse’s Shrinking Clothes Questions & Answers.

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Reggie Mouse’s Shrinking Clothes Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Worried – disturbed
  • Heard – perceived shrunk
  • Shrunk – become smaller
  • Awful – unpleasant
  • Surprised – unexpected

Question 1: What advice did Reggie’s mother give to her son?

Answer: Reggie’s mother advised her son to eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, cereals, bread, fish and chicken and also to go out and play with his friends.

Question 2: Why didn’t Reggie listen to her advice?

Answer: Reggie didn’t listen to her advice as he loved cheese and wanted to sit at home and watch television.

Question 3: Why did the buttons of Reggie’s shirt pop?

Answer: Eating cheese made Reggie very fat and his shirt became very tight so Reggie’s buttons popped.

Question 4: Why were Reggie’s clothes all lying on the floor?

Answer: Reggie had tried all his clothes to check if any of them fitted him. But all his clothes were too tight to wear and hence were lying on the floor.

Question 5: What was the only way to unshrink the clothes?

Answer: The only way to unshrink the clothes was to eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread, chicken and fish.

Question 6: How can we keep ourselves healthy and maintain our personal hygiene?

Answer: To stay healthy, we should eat healthy food and do regular exercise. We should also wash our hands before and after every meal and after visiting the toilet.

Question 7: Write the antonyms of the following:

  • Often – rare
  • Healthy – unhealthy
  • Friend – enemy
  • Shrunk – unshrunk
  • Lend – borrow
  • Accept – refuse
  • Beautiful – ugly
  • Arrive – depart
  • Lost – found

So, these were the questions & answers.

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