Salim and Tansen Questions & Answers

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Salim and Tansen Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Ladles – large, round, deep spoons with long handles
  • Bask in the sun – here, sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun
  • Laced his fingers – interwined the fingers of both the hands together
  • Trilled – sang in a short high note
  • Approving nod – a shake of head showing approval

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Salim helped his father by_______

i. peeling and chopping vegetables for meals
ii. getting visitors to his father’s shop
iii. cooking food in the shop
iv. singing songs for the visitors

(b) Salim’s desire was to_______

i. learn classical music
ii. stand behind the stoves and cook food
iii. fly kites with his friends
iv. peel onions faster than he was doing at present

(c) Bhairavi and Malhar are names of_______

i. Indian musicians
ii. Indian musical instruments
iii. Indian classical ragas
iv. Old Hindi films

(d) “Still there’s no harm in trying. I’ll go to the fort today, just to see.”

1. Here ‘still’ can be replaced with_________

i. instead
ii. nevertheless
iii. when
iv. what

2. Salim wants to try_________

i. to sing
ii. going to the fort
iii. to see if Tansen’s offer was genuine
iv. to see Tansen

Question 2: Where did Salim live? What did his father do?

Answer: Salim lived at Moti Bazaar, in Agra. His father was a fantastic cook and an owner of a food shop.

Question 3: What was being cooked that day?

Answer: Mutton curry; potato and spinach dish; and dal were being prepared that day.

Question 4: Why did the man ask Salim to sing? What did the man look like?

Answer: The man asked Salim to sing as he was fascinated/ impressed by his melodious tunes. The man was dressed up in a simple silk robe and his shoes were embroidered with gold and were old. Salim thought he was a landlord.

Salim and Tansen Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why do you think Tansen offered to teach music to Salim?

Answer: Tansen was very impressed by the melodious tunes of the songs which Salim sang. They were ‘Raga Bhairavi’ and ‘Raga Malahar’. Tansen came to know that Salim could not afford to go to learn music. So, he decided to teach music to Salim.

Question 6: What do you get to know from the story about Tansen? What kind of a man was he?

Answer: Tansen was a great musician at Akbar Badshah’s Fort. He was one of the nine jewels of Akbar’s court. Akbar also gave him the title of ‘Miyan Tansen’. He was a kind hearted man as he decided to teach music to Salim.

Question 7: Why was Salim surprised to know who the man really was? What is Tansen famous for?

Answer: Salim was surprised to see Tansen as he was dressed in a simple silk robe and was wearing old shoes embroidered with gold. He was also not riding a horse like the other court men. Tansen was famous for his music at Akbar’s court. He had a great knowledge about Ragas and tunes.

Question 8: Analyze Salim’s character with the help of incidents given in the story.

Answer: Salim was a happy go lucky kind of a boy. He helped his father in cooking though he wanted to learn singing. He was talented and wise as he could remember all the Ragas if heard once.

So, these were Salim and Tansen Questions & Answers.

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