Sir Lawley’s Ghost Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sir Lawley’s Ghost Questions & Answers.

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Sir Lawley’s Ghost Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Paradise for ghost – here, an ideal place
  • Eerie – strange and frightening
  • Dormitories – large rooms with number of beds
  • Sinister – evil and frightening
  • Steering the pillow – guiding the movement of the pillow
  • Hideous – extremely ugly
  • Retreated – moved away

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Lawley’s Boarding School was an ideal place for a ghost because_______

i. the boys played tricks on each other.
ii. it was a boarding school for boys.
iii. the boys believed in ghosts
iv. the school was old and the dormitories were full of eerie shadows

(b) “Or this ridiculous tale about the invisible ghost………”
The speaker felt that it was a ridiculous tale because_______

i. he had heard about the ghost earlier
ii. he did not believe that ghosts existed
iii. it made everyone laugh
iv. it frightened the boys

(c) Why was Rustom scared when he discovered the cause of footsteps?

i. He thought he had actually seen a ghost.
ii. He had seen Arjun dressed like a ghost.
iii. He thought that the housemaster had come on a round.
iv. He was rudely woken up from a deep sleep

(d) The matron got to know that Arjun had smeared red ink on his pillow because_________

i. Rustom told her
ii. the dhobi told her so
iii. the pillowcase hadn’t been washed properly
iv. She read the name marked on the pillow

Question 2: Why did everyone thought Arjun was crazy?

Answer: Everyone thought that Arjun was crazy because he was the only one out of 500 students in the boarding school who said that he did not believe in ghosts. He was told that Sir Lawley’s Ghost stayed there.

Question 3: Which ghost story was popular in school?

Answer: Sir Lawley was assassinated by his greedy cousin for property. Sir Lawley lived in the enormous mansion. His big mansion was converted into a boarding school after his tragic death. So, it was believed that Sir Lawley’s Ghost lived there. A headless ghost was seen carrying a bloodstained pillow with hands attached to no figure.

Sir Lawley’s Ghost Questions & Answers

Question 4: Who was behind the prank? How did Rustom find out the truth?

Answer: Arjun was behind the prank. Arjun had planned to scare the boys with a blood-stained pillow held by a pair of white hands attached to no figure. Rustom got to know this because there was a patch of red ink on Arjun’s pillowcase after being washed by the washerman. Rustom had overheard the conversation of the Matron and the washerman. Moreover, Arjun had taken clay from the sculpture room and stuffed it in the gloves. The clay dried and looked like a pair of hands.

Question 5: Who do you think was cleverer – Rustom or Arjun? Give reasons for your answers.

Answer: Arjun was cleverer than Rustom. This was because before Rustom could scare Arjun, Arjun made a plan and scared Rustom. His saucer shaped eyes made everyone believe that he was really scared.

Question 6: What happened before Rustom could execute his plan?

Answer: Before Rustom could frighten Arjun he got to know that he had overslept. He heard the voice of footsteps and saw a blood-stained pillow and a pair of white hands with no figure advancing in the corridor. Rustom got frightened and so could not execute his plan.

Question 7: What did Rustom feel when he saw a blood-stained pillow advancing in the dormitory?

Answer: Rustom was really frightened when he saw a blood- stained pillow. He was extremely haunted with the scene. Rustom was sitting rigid and horror struck . He did not say a word. Rustom was so much frightened that he could not stop chattering his teeth till the next morning.

So, they were Sir Lawley’s Ghost Questions & Answers.

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