Lawley Road Questions & Answers

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Lawley Road Questions & Answers

Question 1: Whose statue stood at the corner of Lawley Extension and Market? Describe the statue.

Answer: The statue of Sir Frederick Lawley stood at the corner of Lawley Extension and Market. The statue towered twenty feet and seemed to arise from a pedestal of molten lead. It stood with the firmness of a mountain.

Question 2: Why did the council want to remove the statue?

Answer: The council wanted to remove the statue because the Extension named after Sir Frederick Lawley was now changed to Gandhi Nagar so it seemed impossible to keep Lawley’s statue there any longer.

Question 3: What deal did the Chairman offer to the speaker? Why did he accept it?

Answer: The Chairman offered the speaker to remove the statue without charging any fee and in turn keep the statue with him. The speaker accepted it as he looked at the whole affair as a means of pure investment.

Question 4: How did the speaker remove the statue and carry it to his house?

Answer: The speaker removed the statue by acquiring a few sticks of dynamite, cordoning off the area and lighting the fuse. He then carried it to his house on a specially designed carriage drawn by several bullocks, in three days.

Question 5: What happened when the news about the statue appeared in the newspaper?

Answer: When the news about the statue appeared in the newspaper, the Chairman received a sheaf of protesting telegrams from different historical societies in India.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. ‘I feel we have not done enough’.

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: The Municipal Chairman said these words.

(b) What has already ‘been done’ that the speaker feels is not enough?

Answer: The streets have been swept, the drains have been cleaned, flags have been hoisted all over the place.

(c) How did the speaker know the listener?

Answer: The speaker knows the listener as he visited him every day, trying to make a living out of news reports to a paper.

2. Britain must quit India someday for her own good.

(a) Who wrote these words?

Answer: Sir Frederick Lawley wrote these words.

(b) List some of the good deeds of the writer of these words.

Answer: Frederick Lawley built the town of Malgudi. He established the first cooperative society for the whole of India, and the first canal system by which thousands of acres of land were irrigated from the Sarayu.

(c) How did the writer of these words die?

Answer: The writer of these words died in the great Sarayu floods while attempting to save the lives of villagers living on its banks.

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