Those Six Days Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Those Six Days Questions & Answers.

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Those Six Days Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Invigorated – rejuvenated, energized
  • Solace – a feeling of calmness
  • Lilting music – music that is pleasing to the ears
  • Blissful – full of joy
  • Laden with – heavily loaded with

Question 1: How do you think the family travelled from Delhi to Shimla? What makes you think so?

Answer: The family decided to go to Shimla by car, they wanted to enjoy the beautiful sights of nature on their way. They also wanted to enjoy the drizzling rains on the trees. The line from the text that tells us that they were travelling by car is “On the way, we stopped the car as we could not resist the pleasant scene around us”.

Question 2: List the sentences from the piece that tell you that the writer is aware of and sensitive to her surroundings.

Answer:  The sentences that tell us that the author was sensitive to her surroundings are: Ø

  • The soft potter of raindrops on the meadow and the cold breeze added to the charm of the atmosphere.
  • The sweet smell of wet earth invigorated the author.
  • The grass on the hills was still a pale yellowish green tinged with brown but the monsoon would soon change it into a deep green.
  • The author saw women gracefully swinging by with pitchers perfectly balanced on their heads.

Question 3: Describe the day 25th July 2013.

Answer: The author and their family reached the farm on 25th July and more happiness awaited them there. Her grandparents were very happy to see them. She saw orchards laden with fruits. She felt heavenly on eating creamy guavas and juicy apples. She decided to carry back some fresh fruits for all her friends and neighbours.

Question 4: When was the author filled with joy?

Answer:  The author went to a nearby village and wanted to fly a kite after a little while when the author’s kite went high up in the sky, her heart was filled with joy.

Question 5: What made the author feel contended at the last?

Answer: After the journey, when the author was sitting on her bed in her home, she saw a beautiful sight of her mother standing next to her younger brother, this made her realize how contended and blissful her life is.

So, these were Those Six Days Questions & Answers.

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