Art Rocks Questions & Answers

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Art Rocks Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sublime – Uplifting, inspiring
  • Vicinity – Neighborhood
  • Chanced upon – Found by chance, quite unexpectedly
  • Buddhist lore – Traditional stories from Buddhism
  • Insignia – A badge or emblem showing membership or rank in an organization
  • Serendipitous – By a happy coincidence
  • Hominids – Early humans
  • Massed figure – Many people
  • Chronologically – In the order in which they happened
  • Tableaux – Figures representing scenes from a story or history

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Bhimbetka is famous because_______

i. there are paintings in the caves done by early humans.
ii. it is a UNESCO heritage site.
iii. it is Bhima’s seat.
iv. there are beautiful Buddhist stupas nearby.

(b) The site of the Bhimbetka rock shelters were_______

i. found in a dense forest by the Adivasis of the area.
ii. discovered by accident by Wakankar who spotted the rocks from a train.
iii. excavated by an archaeologist called Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar.
iv. always known to have early cave paintings.

(c) The rock shelters at Bhimbetka_______

i. are rocks in the caves of the Vindhyachal mountains.
ii. were made by hominids or early humans.
iii. are made of naturally occurring sandstone rocks.
iv. are to the north of the Vindhyas.

(d) The rock shelters have paintings by_______

i. people from the Mesolithic Age
ii. people from the Palaeolithic Age
iii. hominids
iv. All of the above

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) On the smooth inside of the rock shelters we find scenes painted by an ancient group of people showing the earliest traces of human life in India – True
(b) As we look upwards, we find cruder and simpler paintings – False
(c) Different people at different times used the same rock surfaces to paint on, so many images are drawn one above the other – True
(d) A tourist disturbed the peace among the rocks by talking loudly on his cellphone – True
(e) Supported by a rock wall, the author sat in friendly silence looking down at the landscape below her – True

Question 3: What is the significance of scenes depicted on the walls of rock shelter in Bhimbetka?

Answer: The paintings depicted on the walls of rock shelter in Bhimbetka are very important to us as they tell us about the prehistoric people, their activities, clothing and animals they had besides throwing light on their life style. These inputs facilitate the study of evolution of man.

Question 4: Which scenes depicted in the paintings describe the formation of early society?

Answer: All the scenes in the paintings show the images of humans and animals individually as well as in groups. This shows that humans had started organizing themselves into a primitive form of society already in the Paleolithic period.

Question 5: Which tools did the early humans use? What occupations did they follow?

Answer: The paintings show horse born-riders carrying blunt stone instruments. Paintings high up on the rocks show later stages depicting bows and arrows. The chief occupation followed by early humans included-hunting, fishing and food gathering.

So, these were Art Rocks Questions & Answers.

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