The Enchanted Pool Questions & Answers

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The Enchanted Pool Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

(a) In ancient times, fire was kindled by mechanical friction because matches were unknown.
(b) Nakula drank the water from the pool in spite of the yaksha’s warning because he was carried away by his intense thirst.
(c) Yudhishthira believed one must give up anger because then, we will no longer be subject to sorrow.
(d) Yaksha brought Yudhishthira’s brothers back to life because Yudhishthira answered all his questions.
(e) Yama had taken the form of the deer and the yaksha so that he could test Yudhishthira.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

The Pandavas pursued the animal but it was a magic deer which sped in great leaps and bounds, decoying the Pandavas far into the forest and then disappeared.

(a) When and where did this incident happen?

Answer: This incident happened when Pandavas were in the twelfth year of their exile and it took place in a forest, where the Pandavas were taking shelter.

(b) Why did the Pandavas pursue the animal?

Answer: The Pandavas pursued the deer on a sage’s request who had come to them in distress.

(c) How did the Pandavas feel when the animal disappeared?

Answer: Pandavas felt very disheartened and they lost all their cheerfulness. They sat under a Banyan tree and sighed on their defeat.

Question 3: How did Yudhishthira’s response to the voice differ from that of his brothers?

Answer: Yudhishthira replied to the voice in a very calm and gentle manner. Unlike his brothers, he did not rush or gave-in to his desires. He acted with wisdom and used the opportunity to redeem the situation.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
There was surely some magic about it.

(a) Describe the scene before Yudhishthira’s eyes. What comparison does the narrator use to describe it?

Answer: As Yudhishthira reached the pool, he saw his brothers lying down on the ground, unconscious. They looked like sacred poles that were thrown pell-mell, after a festival.

(b) What was his first reaction on witnessing the scene?

Answer: Yudhishthira couldn’t restrain himself and started to weep as he saw his brothers.

(c) Why did Yudhishthira come to the conclusion that there was something magical or supernatural about the event?

Answer: Yudhishthira came to this conclusion because his brothers were great warriors and no one could defeat them. Besides, there were no wounds on their body and their faces looked peaceful. There was no trace of an enemy. All of this made Yudhishthira believe that there was surely some magic involved.

Question 5: Illustrate how happiness is a result of good conduct.

Answer: When one conducts himself properly, he earns appreciation in return. When one hears this appreciation, he feels happy. Similarly, good conduct makes us do good deeds too, which in return makes us happy.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
‘What is the loss which yields joy and not sorrow?’

(a) Who asks this question and to whom?

Answer: The Yaksha of the enchanted pool asked this to Yudhishthira.

(b) What is the reply given to this question?

Answer: Yudhishthira replied that when we lose our anger, we yield joy.

Question 7: What blessing did Yama bestow upon Yudhishthira?

Answer: Yama blessed Yudhishthira when he was impressed by his wise answers. He said that the thirteenth year of the Pandavas’ exile will also pass by and none of their enemies would be able to discover them. He also said that they will successfully fulfil their undertaking.

Question 8: What did the Pandavas gain from their exile?

Answer: Although, the period of their exile was extremely challenging and tough, it made them stronger and nobler men. They learnt a lot from their experience in the forest.

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