When Wishes Come True Questions & Answers

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When Wishes Come True Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Quandary – dilemma
  • Antics – naughty behaviour
  • Anticipated – expected
  • Perpetually – always
  • Truant – shirker
  • Impertinence – rudeness
  • Precocious – too clever for his years

Question 1: The father and the son were reverse of what their names suggested. Explain.

Answer: The father and the son’s nature didn’t justify to what their names suggested. The father, ‘Subal’ which means a strong one was indeed quite weak and aged. He suffered from rheumatism and was in terrible pain. While the son, ‘Sushil’, the very name suggested the person to be gentle and quiet by nature, was extremely naughty and the entire neighbourhood had become mad with his antics. Hence to conclude, both the father and the son, duo did not justify the names that they carried. The story displays the theme of being happy and satisfied with whatever you have in life. Subal and his son, Sushil interchange their roles. This strange wish is fulfilled by the Goddess of Wishes. Sushil wished to be independent as his father while Subal wanted to be a child like his son so that he could study. Both were frustrated with their new roles and decided to embrace back their true identities. They prayed to the Goddess of Desires/Wishes to bless them back with their original self. Finally, they learnt a lesson of life to be always happy with whatever they have got.

Question 2: Why did Sushil Chandra not want to go to school? What excuse did he give to save himself from school?

Answer: Sushil Chandra was in no mood to go to school on Saturday. He had many reasons for not going to school. He wanted to avoid giving the dreaded geography test. Secondly, he wanted to be a part of the display of fireworks at the Bose’s that evening. It was a mega event and he longed to spend the whole day watching every bit of the preparation. In order to save himself from going to school, he complained that he had a terrible stomach ache. He thought his father would ask him to rest and then he could spend the day as planned.

Question 3: What did the father and the son wish for? How were their wishes granted?

Answer: The father and the son wished for swapping their age and their roles with each other. Sushil, the son wanted to be as old as his father so that he could be independent and do whatever he desired to do. On the other hand, the father, Subal wanted to become young once again like his son and spent his time, studying hard. While passing by, the Goddess of Wishes heard both the prayers and decided to grant them. She appeared before them and blessed them both by saying that they could live the desired life from the next morning. This made both the father and the son very happy.

When Wishes Come True Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why was Sushil not happy after he became an old man?

Answer: Sushil faced several difficulties after becoming an old man. Most importantly, he was too weak to play like his friends. After becoming old, he suddenly lost his childish enthusiasm and cheerfulness. He no longer enjoyed the sports that he used to enjoy with friends.

Question 5: Both the father and the son were frustrated with the change. Justify the statement.

Answer: The duo seemed to be quite frustrated with the change. The son who was now old, suffered from cold, cough and severe body-ache. He was bed-ridden for three weeks and was unable to take a dip in the pond. Even if he tried to do so, his rheumatism increased so alarmingly that he had to see a doctor for another six months. He was forced to bathe himself at home in warm water every alternate day. He would also occasionally pick-up comb to brush his hair and end up scratching his bald head. Subal too forgot that he was a child now. He would often join a gathering of old people and comment on their discussions, to which the elders would become annoyed. They would box him and ask him to go away from that place. He would also land up getting spanked and punished by his tutor for requesting a puff of tobacco. Moreover, he had digestive issues, he was not allowed to eat to his fill which led to excessive weight loss. The duo became irritated and decided to come back to their original identity.

Question 6: What message does Tagore convey to the readers through the story?

Answer: Tagore, through this story tries to explain that we always don’t get what we wish for and even if we do, there can be many complications. We always ponder that the other person is in a better situation than us. The same concept has been emphasized in this story. Both the father and the son wished for exchanging their roles, thinking that the other one was leading a better life. One of them wanted to be as young and energetic as his son and the other wanted to be as independent as his father. Once their wishes were granted and their roles switched over, they got frustrated. Prayers were uttered once again and they requested the Goddess of Wishes to reinstate their identities back. Hence, we should learn to be happy and contented with what we have got and not complain that the grass is greener on the other side. We also need to realise that childhood is something very special and hence it should always be enjoyed to its fullest.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
‘Sushil remembered it very well and stopped him from eating his fill.’

(a) Who is referred to as ‘him’ in the above line?

Answer: Subal, the father is referred to as ‘him’ in the above line.

(b) What did Sushil remember very well?

Answer: He remembered that his father had lot of digestive issues. A slight overeating would bring in an attack of acidity. So he stopped his father from eating his fill.

(c) What happened to Subal due to this restriction?

Answer: Since he was not allowed to eat normally, Subal remained hungry all the time. He started losing weight and grew thin.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
‘After several attempts, he hung on to one of the lower branches…..’

(a) Who is referred to as ‘he’ in the above line?

Answer: Sushil Chandra, the son of Subal Chandra is referred to as ‘he’ in the above line.

(b) Why did he decide to climb the tree? How did the passers-by react to this?

Answer: ‘He’ decided to climb the tree because he wanted to try his usual antics that he had in his childhood. They were all amazed to see an old man climbing a tree and they laughed at him when he fell down.

(c) What happened to the lower branch of the tree?

Answer: The lower branch of the tree gave way due to the excessive weight of Sushil who was now leading a life of Subal.

So, these were When Wishes Come True Questions & Answers.

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