The Night We Won The Buick Questions & Answers

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The Night We Won The Buick Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Clop – sharp hollow sound, as of a horse’s hoof striking pavement
  • Chintz – printed and glazed cotton fabric, usually of bright colours
  • Mortgaged – the house was the security or guarantee against which the family had taken a loan
  • Raffled off – disposed of in a lottery
  • Panting – breathing heavily
  • Lavish – luxurious
  • Bunting – streamers, decorations
  • Ethical – moral; of principles
  • Aphorism – saying; quotations
  • Chauffeurs – drivers
  • Porch – a small area at the entrance of the house

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Who was the author of the story?

i. Anna Buch
ii. John Griggs

(b) What was the name of the horse?

i. Barbis
ii. Bolt

(c) How many tickets did the narrator’s father take?

i. two
ii. four

(d) Where did the lucky draw competition take place?

i. England
ii. New York

(e) Father wrote the letter K on which ticket?

i. 348
ii. 349

(f) What was the name of the narrator’s Dad’s Boss?

i. Jim Kendrick
ii. Robin

(g) Whom did narrator’s father call?

i. Servant
ii. Jim Kendrick

(h) Who came to pick up the car?

i. Chauffeurs
ii. Jim Kendrick

(i) What did drivers give to narrator’s father as a gift?

i. Bouquet of roses
ii. Box of cigar

(j) Was the boy happy after giving car to Jim?

i. Yes
ii. No

Question 2: Why could the family not afford a car?

Answer: The family could not afford a car because they were poor and they were the only family in the town who did not have a car.

Question 3: Mention details in the story which show that the narrator’s family was quite poor.

Answer: The narrator’s family was indeed quite poor. It was the only family in New York who did not own a car. The family used a small two wheeled basket cart for their daily chores. The narrator’s father worked as a clerk and his salary was distributed among the ill and the poor relatives. Even the house was mortgaged. All these clearly stated the financial crunch that the family faced.

Question 4: Why was it so important for the narrator to possess a car?

Answer: Not possessing a car was the most disgraceful thing for the narrator. Every family in New York had cars but only for the narrator’s. He felt quite ashamed of this and desperately needed a car to maintain his existence in society.

The Night We Won The Buick Questions & Answers

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
‘Our daily shopping trips were made in a small two-wheeled basket cart…….’

(a) What was the small two-wheeled basket cart used for?

Answer: The small two-wheeled basket was used for daily shopping by the family

(b) Who pulled the two-wheeled cart for the family? What was its nickname?

Answer: An ancient pony pulled the cart for the family. Its name was Barkis.

(c) Why did the family use the cart?

Answer: The family used the cart as they did not possess a car.

Question 6: How did the narrator and his family own a car (Buick)?

Answer: The narrator’s father had bought two tickets in the fair. One was for him and the other one was for his boss, Jim Kendrick. Luck was much on his side that his father won the Buick.

Question 7: How did the mother make the house look charm?

Answer: The mother made the house look charm by adding the little touches here and there like using a metre of bright chintz and a little paint in right place.

Question 8: What was the ethical question the narrator’s father was struggling with?

Answer: The boy’s father knew that the ticket that he had won belonged to his boss which meant that the car actually was Kendrick’s. However, Kendrick didn’t know that. So, the boy’s father was struggling to decide whether to keep the car or not.

The Night We Won The Buick Questions & Answers

Question 9: What was written on the corner of the ticket 348?

Answer: The letter ‘K’ was written in pencil on the corner of the ticket 348.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:
“Do you see the difference between the two?”

(a) Name the speaker of the above line.

Answer: The narrator’s mother is the speaker of the above line.

(b) What is being referred to as ‘the two’ here?

Answer: ‘The two’ is being referred to as the two different lottery tickets bought by the narrator’s father, numbered 348 and 349.

(c) What differences were there between the two lottery tickets?

Answer: The two lottery tickets numbered 348 and 349 were both purchased by the narrator’s father. When the bumper prize was announced, it was 348. And this winning ticket belonged to Kendrick as it was purchased by the father on behalf of his boss. So, honestly it was the boss who had won the Buick.

(d) What happened to the Buick finally?

Answer: The Buick was finally handed over to Kendrick.

Question 11: Why did the grocer in some winters supply the family’s needs on credit?

Answer: The grocer supplied the family’s needs on credit in some winters because they did not have enough money to pay the grocer. He was also sure about receiving his money later since, the family was honest.

Question 12: How did the narrator’s joy turn out to be short-lived?

Answer: The narrator never in his lavish dream had ever thought of possessing a Buick. But when his father’s name was announced for the lottery, he was over excited. He felt that finally the Lady Luck had blessed his family and out of sheer luck, the family was now an owner of a masterpiece. But on reaching home, when he found out that his father had purchased the winning ticket on behalf of his boss and was thinking of handing over the magnificent winning price to him, his heart sank. He immediately understood that his joy is not going to stay for long.

Question 13: Explain what the narrator means when he says, “I know now we were never richer than we were at the moment when Dad made that telephone call”?

Answer: According to the narrator’s mother, possessing a good character was equivalent to being wealthy. So, when the father discovered that the winning ticket was purchased on behalf of Kendrick, the boss, he decided to handover the prized possession to him. He immediately telephoned him about the Buick. The next day chauffeurs were sent to take the car. There was a short-lived feeling of loss but then finally the family felt much richer than they had ever felt before. The narrator took pride on his father and genuinely felt that being honest and having a good character was better than owing a Buick Roadmaster.

So, these were The Night We Won The Buick Questions & Answers.

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