All About A Dog Questions & Answers

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All About A Dog Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The younger woman carried a little

i. bull dog
ii. Pekinese dog
iii. spaniel
iv. spitz

(b) The younger woman was suffering from

i. cough
ii. stomach pain
iii. fever
iv. back pain

(c) The bell was pulled by the

i. older woman
ii. driver
iii. conductor
iv. younger woman

(d) The number of policemen to whom the woman expressed her anger was

i. Three
ii. four
iii. five
iv. six

(e) The problem the bus faced was with the

i. brake
ii. tyre
iii. engine
iv. horn

Question 2: How many people got into the bus with the younger woman?

Answer: A lady and a man got into the bus with the younger woman.

Question 3: What was the conductor’s order to the younger woman?

Answer: The conductor ordered the younger woman to take her dog out of the bus.

Question 4: Why did the conductor stand triumphant?

Answer: The conductor stood triumphant because he made the younger woman to go to the top of the bus with her dog.

Question 5: What is that rule which cannot be broken without danger to life and limb?

Answer: The rule of the road cannot be broken without danger to life and limb.

All About A Dog Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did the author feel that trouble was coming up?

Answer: The author felt that trouble was coming up when he saw the bus conductor looking at the Pekinese dog that a younger woman was carrying with her in the bus.

Question 7: Mention two demands made by the passengers when the bus stopped.

Answer: When the bus stopped, the passengers demanded to call the police to report about the conductor. They also demanded to make the conductor give their fares back.

Question 8: How are rules of guidance to be observed?

Answer: The rules of guidance are to be observed in the spirit for the comfort of the passengers and not in the letters.

Question 9: What was the narrator’s perception of the conductor? Who did he compare him to? Why?

Answer: According to the narrator, the bus conductor pictured a character of determination and control who was quite disciplined and made sure that the passengers followed rules. He seemed to be very particular and adamant and insisted all who boarded the bus to adhere to the dictate. He compared him to the ruthless German soldier who massacred humanity for the sake of power under Hitler’s rule. He seemed to nurture grievances against passengers who came and sat in the bus. It was maybe because he was sitting next to the door and shivered every time the door of the bus was opened. Both the bus conductor and German soldiers are compared to each other as they both were resentful and had grievances against humanity.

All About A Dog Questions & Answers

Question 10: What according to the conductor was the rule about dogs? How did the people react towards the conductor?

Answer: As per the rules, the canine was not allowed to travel in the bus. The bus was only meant for humans and not supposed to be used for animals. The people however were not happy with the conductor’s reaction. They looked at him angrily, feeling pity on the lady and the dog. They felt that the conductor should have been kinder and more considerate towards the lady. It was chilling outside and the lady could not leave the dog all alone in the street neither could she take the dog and sit on the top of the bus.

Question 11: What was the conductor’s way to get the woman to comply with the rule?

Answer: When the conductor spotted the lady sitting along with her dog, he ordered her to take the dog out. He immediately pulled the bell and made sure that the bus stopped for the lady to move away from the seating area. He constantly argued with the lady until she submitted herself to his demands. She complied to the rule and went up along with her canine company.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:
“Rules are necessary things, but there are rules and rules. Some are hard and fast rules,”

(a) Name the speaker of the above line.

Answer: The narrator is the speaker of the above line.

(b) Why were rules important for the bus conductor?

Answer: Rules were important for the bus conductor because they were made for everyone’s benefit. They might be harsh at times, hurting human sentiments yet they were formulated for the sake of following. Moreover, he might have been irritated because of the chilled weather outside, hence he carried grudges against almost all the commuters who boarded the bus.

(c) What behaviour of the bus conductor pissed the narrator off?

Answer: The bus conductor did not allow the lady to travel along with her dog as it was against the rule. He was sure that the public took him to be rude and inconsiderate yet he made sure to follow it. This step taken by the conductor pissed the narrator off.

(d) What did the conductor do to justify his act?

Answer: He said to all the passengers in the bus that rules were meant to be followed and not to be broken. He made sure that the bus did not move until his orders were followed, irrespective of the freezing weather outside.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:
“You mustn’t. You’ll have pneumonia.”

(a) Who is the speaker of the above line?

Answer: One of the ladies is the speaker of the above line.

(b) Who is referred to as ‘you’ in the above line?

Answer: ‘You’ is referred to the young lady.

(c) Why did the speaker decline the lady’s request?

Answer: Since the young lady was sick, the other one declined her request as she feared she would freeze to death due to the chilling weather.

So, these were All About A Dog Questions & Answers.

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