Saving Trees Questions & Answers

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Saving Trees Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Surrounded by – encircled by
  • Zigzag – not straight
  • Fodder – straw
  • Landslides – downhill flow of rocks and mud
  • Swept away – flowed away
  • Dusty – covered with dust
  • Hug – to fold in arms
  • Clung – held tightly
  • Lumberman – wood merchant

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Anaro’s village was on the bank of the river Alaknanda – True
(b) Anaro never felt happy in the forest – False
(c) Anaro played under ash trees – True
(d) All the women of the village joined the army – False
(e) The women of the village cut trees – False
(f) Men from the timber company killed Anaro’s grandma – False
(g) If we cut down trees, landslides are caused – True

Question 2: Where did Anaro live?

Answer: Anaro lived in a mountain village in the Garhwal Himalayas which was surrounded by many green ash trees.

Question 3: What did people get from the forest?

Answer: People got firewood, fodder for their cattle, wood for their houses and farm tools from the forest.

Question 4: With whom and where Anaro used to spend her time?

Answer: Anaro used to spend her time with her grandma in the forest. She used to play under ash trees and felt very happy among them.

Question 5: According to Grandma, why should we grow and save trees?

Answer: According to Grandma, trees are our friends and give us fresh and pure air. Moreover, the earth looks beautiful with trees. So, we should grow and save trees.

Question 6: What happened to Anaro’s Grandama?

Answer: One day, there was a flood in the Alaknanda which caused landslides. Anaro’s Grandma swept away in the flood and Anaro became alone.

Question 7: What caused landslides and flood in the river?

Answer: Cutting of trees caused landslides and flood in the river.

Question 8: What did the village women do to stop men from cutting down trees?

Answer: The village women picked up drums and like an army reached the forest to save the trees. “Chipko! Chipko! Chipko! Hug the trees!” saying this, they clung to the trees and were ready to die. The lumbermen did not know what to do and they finally, threw their axes down and returned.

Question 9: What do trees give us?

Answer: Trees give us fresh and pre air, fruits, wood, shade, medicine, etc.

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