Nicobobinus Questions & Answers

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Nicobobinus Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Daft – silly
  • Shutters – wooden window covers
  • Weeding – removing unwanted vegetation
  • Doomsday – end times or the day of the final judgment
  • Roller – a heavy cylindrical stone used to flatten grass
  • Trip over – to stumble or fall over
  • Wild ideas – strange and weird ideas
  • Jerkin – a sleeveless jacket, typically made of leather
  • Bother – trouble or a mild expression of annoyance
  • Span round – turned around quickly
  • Squirm – twist the body from side to side
  • Took a pace – a step taken with the foot
  • Crack of light – light coming from a narrow or thin opening
  • Tight squeeze – narrow such that it is difficult to pass-through
  • Doubled himself up – sharply bent himself over
  • Dank – dark and damp
  • Instigate – to bring about by urging or encouraging
  • Slime – sticky, soft and moist earth or clay

Question 1: What do we learn about Nicobobinus in the first paragraph?

Answer: From the first paragraph we learn that Nicobobinus is the most extraordinary child who stuck his tongue out at the Prime Minister. He lived in a city Venice and he could do anything.

Question 2: Who is Rosie?

Answer: Rosie is Nicobobinus’s best friend and she was the one who knew that Nicobobinus could do anything.

Question 3: What two things does Rosie suggest that she and Nicobobinus should do?

Answer: Rosie suggests Nicobobinus that they should pull up every weed on his doorstep but when Nicobobinus refuses to do so, she gives another idea that they both should go to find the Land of Dragons.

Question 4: Why don’t people pay attention to what Rosie says?

Answer: People don’t pay attention to what Rosie says because she is always having wild ideas to share.

Nicobobinus Questions & Answers

Question 5: When do the children go on their adventure and what do they take with them?

Answer: The children go on their adventure the next day very early in the morning. They take with them buns and lemonade as supplies for their journey.

Question 6: Whom do they meet on their journey? Say what happens at each of the two adventures?

Answers: At the end of the narrow street, they first encounter a Nightwatchman who refuses to allow them to go on their adventure so early in the morning. But, before he can catch them, the children escape from there and keep running with all their strength until they cross the third bridge and trip over a dog that is lying asleep under a garden wall. This is their second encounter. The dog barks fiercely at them, the bottle of lemonade smashes against the wall and the buns too roll down into the gutter.

Question 7: How does Nicobobinus get out of the well?

Answer: Nicobobinus finds a narrow gap down by the floor which is not more than a foot high. He keeps squirming and wriggling through it for a long time in the dark until suddenly, he finds that he has reached a place where he can stand up. He takes a step forward but falls over the stone steps which lead him up to an amazing room.

Question 8: How does Nicobobinus escape from the man in the orchard?

Answer: Instead of running away, Nicobobinus doubles himself up and pushes backward as fast as he can. The man gets disbalanced and falls into a pile of leaves. Nicobobinus then runs across the lawn down the path, round a hedge and shuts himself up in a little shed.

Question 9: What shows us that the man in the orchard doesn’t really want to break down the door to the shed?

Answer: The line that shows that the man is reluctant to break the door down is – ‘Right! I’m going to break this door down!’ said the man. And then, because he knew he’d have to repair the door himself, he added – ‘Do you hear?’ Also, he bangs on the door and shouts but does not break it down.

Nicobobinus Questions & Answers

Question 10: Why do you think Rosie said, ‘It’s one of the best ideas you’ve ever had!’ What does it say about Rosie?

Answer: Rosie herself suggested Nicobobinus to discover the Land of Dragons the previous day but the next day, she presents it as being one of the best ideas Nicobobinus has ever had because she is very well aware of the fact that people do not entertain her for her wild ideas and by doing so she is sure that Nicobobinus will not refuse it.

Question 11: What are the thoughts Nicobobinus has as he is falling down the well? For each one explain what you think he is feeling?

Answer: While falling down the well, the first thought that flashes through Nicobobinus’s mind is – ‘Brother!’ It probably expresses his annoyance for forthcoming trouble. In the second thought, he sees Rosie dangling over a snake pit with numerous fierce dragons flying to her, chanting, ‘How could she do it to him?’ This reflects that Nicobobinus holds Rosie responsible for his plight. Lastly, Nicobobinus thinks that he is falling a deep unused well with slimy, slippery sides and icy water at the bottom from where he can never escape. It expresses his fear and helplessness in the present situation.

Question 12: Who has said the following lines:

(a) ‘Let’s pull up every single weed on your doorstep’ – Rosie
(b) ‘Ow!’ – Nicobobinus
(c) ‘Ah ha! I’ve got you now!’ – The man
(d) ‘It’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever had!’ – Rosie

Question 13: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘I wonder if I could pick a few of those’.

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: Nicobobinus is speaking to Rosie.

(b) What does ‘those’ refer to?

Answer: ‘Those’ refers to the apples that Nicobobinus noticed while gazing up at an apple-tree on the other side of the garden wall.

(c) Why do they need to pick a few of ‘those’?

Answer: They need to pick a few of ‘those’ because their bottle of lemonade has broken and buns too have fallen into the gutter and it is not possible for them to continue with their journey without supplies.

(d) How did it put them into trouble?

Answer: Nicobobinus stood on Rosie’s shoulders and climbed onto the wall to pick apples but the tree was further away. When he tried to reach out, he lost his balance and fell inside the garden and could not climb back.

So, these were Nicobobinus Questions & Answers.

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