Computer Networks Questions & Answers

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Computer Networks Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks.

(a) A computer that connects to the internet is called the network.
(b) A wired network that is found in a single building is a Local Area Network (LAN).
(c) A device that sends the message to every computer in the network is called a hub.
(d) Fibre Optic Cable uses light for transmission of data and is capable of transferring large amount of data.
(e) The Internet is an example of Wide Area Network (WAN).
(f) A network device that checks the address of the message received and sends it to the appropriate computer is called a switch.
(g) A WLAN uses a radio signals (WiFi) router to connect devices to each other.
(h) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is owned and operated by a corporation or the government.
(i) Cable television is an example of Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
(j) A network device that provides a hardware interface between a computer and a network so that computers can communicate over the network is called a network interface card.
(k) A powerful computer that provides service to many users such as the creation of an email account is called a server.

Question 2: Choose the correct option.

(a) A node on a network that acts a doorway to or from another network.

i. gateway
ii. switch
iii. router
iv. hub

(b) A protocol that is used to transfer files between two computers on the internet.

i. FTP
ii. TCP/IP
iii. HTTP
iv. SMTP

(c) It connects computers over a large geographical area such as a country.

i. MAN
ii. WAN
iii. LAN
iv. WLAN

(d) A type of cable that uses strands of glass and pulses of light for data transmission.

i. twisted pair
ii. coaxial
iii. flexible
iv. fibre optic

Computer Networks Questions & Answers

Question 3: What is a computer network?

Answer: A computer network is a system of interconnected computers and other devices that help us to communicate, share resources and transfer information from one computer to another.

Question 4: What are the different types of computer networks?

Answer: Different types of computer networks are:
Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Wide Area Network (WAN).

Question 5: What are the components of a network?

Answer: A network is made up of various components, such as Network Interface Card (NIC), network cables, modems, hubs/switches and router.

Question 6: What is a network protocol?

Answer: Network protocol is a set of rules which is followed when computers communicate with each other on a network. One of the most popular protocol sets is the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). It is the basic protocol used for the Internet.

Question 7: State the different types of mail protocols.

Answer: Different types of mail protocols are:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) – A set of guidelines that is used by a software to send a mail on the Internet.

Post Office Protocol 3(POP3) A protocol used to retrieve email from server and then delete its copy from the server.

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) A protocol used to retrieve email and allowing the user to retain its copy on the server.

Computer Networks Questions & Answers

Question 8: Explain the role of a modem in a network.

Answer: A modem is used to convert analogue signals to digital signals and vice versa. Computers and understand only digital signals while communication mediums or channels such as cables carry analogue signals. A modem is therefore required to convert a computer’s digital signals to analogue signals so that they can travel over telephone or cable television lines. Similarly, when a computer receives analogue signals, they have to be converted to digital form which is also done by a modem.

Question 9: What is a router and what is it used for?

Answer: A router is a hardware device that connects two different networks. A router is used to link computer networks to the Internet so that users on these computers can share the internet connection. A router acts as a sender of information from the Internet by choosing the best path so that it is received quickly.

Routers are commonly used in home networks to share a single Internet connection with PCs, tablets, smart phones, etc.

Question 10: Differentiate between a hub and a switch.

Answer: A hub is a device that acts as a common connection point for a number of computers in a LAN. When hub receives a message for a particular computer, it sends it to every other computer on the network. Hence, hub based networks are not very safe.

A switch functions like a hub, however, is smarter. When it receives a message, it checks who it is meant for and sends it only to that specific computer. Therefore, networks which use switches are more secure.

Question 11: Differentiate between a client and a server.

Answer: Computers from which users send and request for information from other computers are known as clients or workstations.

Servers are special, powerful computers that provide various services and information to the clients. They are very reliable and high-end computers. Some of the servers on the Internet include Gmail, Wikipedia, etc.

Question 12: Differentiate between coaxial cable and fibre optic cable.

Answer: Coaxial cable has a single copper conductor at its centre separated from an outer braided metal shielded by a plastic insulator. It is mainly used in television cable networks.

A fibre optic cable uses strands of glass and pulses of light for data transmission. It completely eliminates the problem of electrical interference. It is capable of transferring large amounts of data and they are typically used in WANs, where there is a huge magnitude of traffic and transfer data over longer distances.

So, these were Computer Networks Questions & Answers.