The Great Train Journey Questions & Answers

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The Great Train Journey Questions & Answers

Question 1: What time of year is it?

Answer: The year is in its mid-phase because Suraj’s school has closed down for summer holidays which in India usually begins from mid of May and extends till the first week of July.

Question 2: How do we know that Suraj likes trains?

Answer: Suraj keeps waving to the passing trains until only the spiraling smoke remains and feels lonely when the train leaves behind only the hot, empty track. This proves that he likes trains a lot.

Question 3: How do we know that Suraj is bored?

Answer: Sitting inside the carriage, Suraj does not like the smelly, dark and musty compartment and thinks he could have had some fun if his friend Ranji was also there. This proves that Suraj is getting bored.

Question 4: Why does Suraj think that the trees are walking?

Answer: In examining the crates, Suraj was completely engrossed. So, he could not notice that the train had started moving. That is why a little later when he looks up out of the doorway, he thinks that the trees are moving.

Question 5: What sort of things make Suraj curious and how does he react to what makes him curious?

Answer: The things that are bolted, nailed down or concealed from Suraj like parcels, locked rooms, crates and carriage doors make him curious. Whenever he finds any of these things, he tries his level best to discover what it holds inside.

The Great Train Journey Questions & Answers

Question 6: Who else is in the carriage?

Answer: A dirty, bearded and scrubby man with paan stained teeth is also there in the carriage who suddenly steps out from behind the crates.

Question 7: Where does Suraj say that he would like to go?

Answer: Suraj tells the hippy that he wants to go all around the world and see new and strange places like England, China, Africa, Greenland and many more.

Question 8: When Suraj thinks about his parents for the first time, what does he imagine that they will think?

Answer: Suraj imagines that when he would not return home in the night, his parents would think that he has either run away or been kidnapped or been involved in an accident.

Question 9: What warning does the man give Suraj?

Answer: The man warns Suraj to keep out of sight if he does not want to be caught by people in the train.

Question 10: What presents does Suraj imagine that he will bring back for his friend?

Answer: Suraj imagines that if possible, he would bring an African lion or a transistor-radio for his friend.

Question 11: Why do you think the man was on the train?

Answer: The man was on the train as it was his usual routine to travel in that compartment.

Question 12: When Suraj thinks about his parents’ reaction to his disappearance, he feels a few different emotions. What shows us that he is excited at first? How does he feel later on?

Answer: Suraj seems to be very excited in the beginning because he is enjoying the ride thinking that the train would take him to the sea from where he would go to distant land in a ship. However, later on, he feels very sorry for his parents because he knows that they would miss him dearly.

The Great Train Journey Questions & Answers

Question 13: Why doesn’t the man tell Suraj that the train takes a circular route?

Answer: When the man discovers that Suraj neither has a ticket nor has any idea about his destination, he assumes that Suraj is running away from his home. He wants him to unite with his family. That is why he never tells Suraj that it is just a local goods train which takes a circular route.

Question 14: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘He stuffed one into each pocket and climbed on to wooden rack in a corner.’

(a) Whom does ‘he’ refer to and where is ‘he’ at the moment?

Answer: ‘He’ refers to Suraj and at the moment, ‘he’ is in one of the compartments of a local goods train.

(b) What did he stuff into his pockets and why?

Answer: He stuffed apples into each of his pockets because he suspected that the apples would not stay in the compartment much longer and he needed supplies to prevent himself from starving during his long journey.

(c) Where did he climb and why?

Answer: He climbed onto a wooden rack in the corner of his compartment to keep himself out of sight because he did not want to be caught by the people in the train.

(d) What happened when the train stopped at the siding?

Answer: Two labourers stepped into Suraj’s compartment and moved all the crates towards the door which were then taken over by others.

So, these were The Great Train Journey Questions & Answers.

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