The Naive Friends Questions & Answers

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The Naive Friends Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Naive – without experience
  • Cornice – a decorative moulding over the window that stretches horizontally
  • Scholar – a learned person
  • Hatched – came out of the eggs
  • Brood – young birds
  • Siblings – brothers and sisters
  • Erected – set upright; put together
  • Makeshift roof – a temporary roof
  • Gingerly – cautious or carefully
  • Wobbly – unsteady
  • Veered – shifted/ To change direction
  • Fiddled – moved, altered
  • Stuff – to completely fill a container
  • Squeal – scream or cry
  • Conjecture – guess
  • Tongue tied – unable to speak generally due to embarrassment

Question 1: Where did the birds lay their eggs? 

Answer: The birds had laid their eggs just above the cornice in Keshav’s house.

Question 2: What made Keshav and his sister forget about the joys of milk and jalebi?

Answer: The pleasure that Keshav and his sister had drew from seeing the two birds was so great that they even forgot about the joys of milk and jalebi.

Question 3: Which thought left the siblings very anxious?

Answer: The question of what the chicks would eat and where would the poor bird find enough grain to feed her brood left the siblings very anxious.

Question 4: How did Keshav manage to reach the cornice?

Answer: To reach the cornice, Keshav brought a stool from the room, but it was still not high enough to reach the cornice. He then brought a small bathing stool to place under the first and gingerly climbed on top.

Question 5: What did Shyama beg of Keshav?

Answer: Shyama begged of Keshav to help her to climb up on the stool so that she could also see the eggs.

Question 6: Why did Shyama keep quiet in front of mother? 

Answer: Shyama kept quiet in front of mother because she was scared that Keshav might get a beating. Now, whether Shyama was silent out of love or because she was party to the crime is a matter of some conjecture. Perhaps it was both. 

Question 7: What made Keshav pale and gloomy?

Answer: The sight of the broken eggs on the floor made Keshav pale and gloomy.

Question 8: Why did Shyama feel that Keshav should be punished?

Answer: Shyama felt that Keshav must not have put the eggs back carefully enough so they had rolled off. That is why he should be punished.

Question 9: What did Ma mention about bird’s eggs? 

Answer: Ma mentioned that brids’ eggs should not be touched as they become tainted and then the birds don’t hatch them and drop them themselves.

The Naive Friends Questions & Answers

Question 10: Which questions made Keshav and Shyama curious about the eggs?

Answer: The questions that made Keshav and Shyama curious about the eggs were:

How big were the eggs? What colour were they? How many? What did they eat? How would the chicks come out of them? What is the nest like? How will the chicks fly away as soon as they come out of the eggs? What would the poor bird feed her little ones?

Question 11: What three things did the children do to protect the eggs?

Answer: To protect the eggs, Keshav made a cushion out of a piece of old sari to be kept under the eggs. Then, Shyama brought a basket with which Keshav made a roof. Later, Shyama brought a bowl of water and rice that Keshav placed under the basket.

Question 12: Why did Keshav think of making a cushion for the eggs?

Answer: Keshav thought of making a cushion for the eggs to protect them from bursting as they were lying on twigs and straw.

Question 13: What excuse did Keshav give for not showing the eggs to Shyama?

Answer: For not showing the eggs to Shyama, Keshav made the excuse that if Shyama would fall from the stool, Ma would beat him and would make chutney out of him. He also told Shyama that what would come out of her seeing them, anyway and the eggs were comfortable. Once they would hatch, they both would look after the chicks.

Question 14: Compare the feelings of Keshav at the beginning and end of the story. 

Answer: At the beginning of the story, Keshav was elated and curious to see the eggs but at the end of the story, he went pale to see the broken eggs.

Question 15: State whether the following statements are ‘true’ or ‘false’:

a. A bird had laid eggs just above the ventilator in Keshav’s house – False
b. Shyama and Keshav were friends – False
c. There were three eggs in the nest – True
d. It was the month of winter – False
e. Keshav felt pained when the eggs broke – True

Question 16: Answer the following questions with reference to context: 

“What are you two doing out there in the sun?” she asked. 

i. Who is the speaker?

Answer: The mother is the speaker.

ii. Who are the ‘two’ mentioned here?

Answer: The ‘two’ mentioned here are Keshav and Shyama.

iii. Was the speaker happy or annoyed with the two at that moment? 

Answer: At that moment, the speaker was annoyed with the two.

Question 17: Answer the following questions with reference to context: 

“You must have fiddled with them,” said Ma angrily. 

i. Who is ‘you’ here?

Answer: ‘You’ here is Keshav and Shyama.

ii. What is Ma talking about in this line?

Answer: In this line, Ma is talking about broken eggs.

iii. Was Ma right in her guess? 

Answer: Yes, Ma was right in her guess because anyone who touches birds’ eggs, they become tainted, and then the birds don’t hatch them and drop them themselves.

So, these were The Naive Friends Questions & Answers.

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