Handicrafts of Jharkhand Questions & Answers

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Handicrafts of Jharkhand Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hospice – rest house
  • Thatched – cover with straw or similar materials
  • Decorative – ornamental
  • Chisel – a long bladed hand tool with a beveled cutting edge
  • Abundance – a very large quantity of something
  • Equipment – apparatus appliances
  • Extinction – dying out, vanishing, disappearance
  • Traditional – conventional, accepted, orthodox
  • Ornaments – an object worn as jewellery
  • Livelihood – income for living
  • Ethnic – referring to the origin 

Question 1: Which place did the writer visit?

Answer: The writer visited Jonha village that lies by the side of a beautiful waterfall in the middle of a dense forest. This village is about 40 kms away from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand.

Question 2: Name any five kinds of handicrafts of Jharkhand.

Answer: Five kinds of handicrafts of Jharkhand are:

  • Wooden toys of Tupudana
  • Bamboo Craft
  • Wood Craft
  • Metal Work
  • Stone Carving

Question 3: Name some bamboo craft items.

Answer: Some bamboo craft items are baskets, mats, brooms, fishing rods, dolls, etc.

Question 4: What is special about Tupudana craft? 

Answer: Tupudana wooden toys are very unusual. They are completely abstract. They are tall pieces of wood painted to look like human figures with angular lines but no separate limbs. Hands are indicated only by painting lines on body.

Question 5: Write about any three handicrafts of Jharkhand.


Metal Work – Metal work is one of the most well-known form of crafts of Jharkhand. The Malhar, Tentri and Lohra communities in the state are experts in iron and other metal crafts The tribal people of the state use metal to make all kinds of weapons, hunting and farming tools like axe, spade etc. which are also an important part of their livelihood. 

Wood Craft – Besides toys, the craftsmen make all kinds of wooden articles for household requirement. The abundance of wood in the forests is the main reason for the spread of wood craft.

Bamboo Craft – This is yet another popular craft of the state. The bamboos found in Jharkhand Forest are thin but flexible and strong. So, they are ideal for bamboo craft. Using these, the artisans make different articles like baskets, mats, brooms, fishing rods, dolls and various items of daily use. Bamboo items are an important part of various festivals too.

Question 6: What problem is being faced by artisans of the state?

Answer: The problems faced by artisans of the state are lesser demand and low income. These reasons are forcing artisans to leave the craft and look out for other means of living. 

Question 7: Which organizations are promoting handicrafts in Jharkhand?

Answer: ‘Jharcraft’ and ‘Kusum’ are the organizations that are promoting handicrafts in Jharkhand.

Question 8: Describe the sights the writer saw on the way to Jonha falls? 

Answer: On the way to Jonha falls, the writer saw some typical village sights – a cock crowing, a small boy driving his goats, a woman stepping down a stone well with an aluminum pot on her head and a farmer walking towards his field with a plough on his shoulders.

So, these were the Handicrafts of Jharkhand Questions & Answers.

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