A Trip To The Hot Spring Questions & Answers

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A Trip To The Hot Spring Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Resort – a place visited for holidays or recreation
  • Peninsula – a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides
  • Litter – rubbish such as paper, tins left lying in an open place
  • Embarked – went on board a ship or aircraft
  • Crouched – bent
  • Tucked – pushed under or between two surfaces
  • Pier – a platform on pillars projecting from the shore into the sea
  • Cicadas – a large insect with long transparent wings
  • Popsicles – ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick
  • Wood shaving – a thin slice of wood that is shaved off
  • Souvenir – a thing kept as a reminder of an event 

Question 1: Who were going on a trip to where?

Answer: The students of Tomoe Gakuen School were going on a trip to a Seaside School at a place called Toi on the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka.

Question 2: Who was the strangest among Tomoe pupils?

Answer: Totto-chan was the strangest among Tomoe pupils.

Question 3: Where did the children stay on the trip?

Answer: At Toi on the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka, the children stayed in a vacation home owned by the father of one of the Tomoe students.

Question 4: How did the children go to Toi Spa?

Answer: The children went to Toi Spa first by train and then by ship.

Question 5: How long did the children stay at Toi Spa? 

Answer: The children stayed for three days at Toi Spa.

Question 6: What was the problem faced by the children soon after they boarded the ship?

Answer: Soon after boarding the ship, it started raining so, the children had to leave pier and went inside. Then, the sea became rough and also, the children began to feel sick.

Question 7: How was Toi Spa?

Answer: Toi Spa was a quiet and beautiful village on the sea surrounded by wooded hills.

Question 8: How was the journey of the ship a mixture of fear and enjoyment?

Answer: The roughness of the sea and the excitement of travelling in a ship for the first time made the journey a mixture of fear and enjoyment.

Question 9: How did the children enjoy the hot water as well as cold water in Toi Spa?

Answer: In Toi Spa, in hot spring, where the hot water came up to the neck level, the children felt so good and lovely. To move from the hot spring into the sea, they had to move about fifteen feet sideways, and the water gradually got cooler there. After swimming about in the sea, when they began to feel cold, they hurried back to the hot spring to have a hot bath. It was like being at home and it also looked so funny. The children who were in the hot spring part were relaxing in a circle chatting just as if they were in a bath. So, that is how the children enjoyed the hot water as well as cold water in Toi Spa.

Question 10: How did the headmaster manage to take the photograph? 

Answer: On the day, when they were to leave, the headmaster proposed the idea of taking the photograph as a souvenir and the children were excited at the idea. No sooner was the teacher ready with camera than someone had gone to toilet, someone else had his gym shoes on the wrong feet and had to change them around and so on. The whole process took a very long time. But the headmaster could manage to take the photograph, with the sea in the background and each child posing according to his or her fancy and this photograph became a treasured possession of each of them.

Question 11: State whether the following statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’:

1. The children went on a day’s picnic – False
2. The children belonged to grade one to six – True
3. The children had to face many problems on the ship – True
4. The sea beach was crowded – False
5. On the beach the children met a man who was building a boat – True
6. The headmaster was not able to take the photograph at last – False

Question 12: Fill in the blanks:

1. The children went on a trip to a hot spring.
2. There was a forest full of cicadas.
3. The trip was to be a sea-side school.
4. At night the children took turns telling ghost stories.
5. The man at the sea beach gave Totto-chan a very long wood shaving.
6. Toi spa was a quiet beautiful village.

So, these were A Trip To The Hot Spring Questions & Answers.

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