The Olympics Questions & Answers

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The Olympics Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Wreath – a circular band of flowers, leaves
  • Forbidden – against the law
  • Penalty – a punishment for breaking a law
  • Defied – refused to obey
  • Archaeologists – one who studies ancient history by examining objects dug up from the earth
  • Excavated – dug up from the earth
  • Cauldron – a large metal cooking pot
  • Neurology – the branch of medicine and biology concerned with nervous system
  • Abolished – to put an end to

Question 1: When and where were the first Olympic Games played?

Answer: The first Olympic Games were played in 776 B.C. in Greece.

Question 2: When was the Pentathlon added to Olympics? It consisted of which events?

Answer: The Pentathlon was added to Olympics in 708 B.C. It consisted of five events – the long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, sprint and wrestling.

Question 3: What is an Olympiad?

Answer: The four year period between two successive Olympic games is called an Olympiad.

Question 4: Who was Baron Pierre de Coubertin? What was his contribution to Olympics?

Answer: Baron Pierre de Coubertin was a French educator who gave the idea of organizing a modern international Olympics.

Question 5: At present which committee organizes the modern Olympic Games?

Answer: At present, the modern Olympic Games are organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Question 6: When were the first Summer Olympic and Winter Olympic games played respectively?

Answer: The first Summer Olympic was held in 1896 in Athens (Greece), and the first edition of Winter Olympic Games was held in 1924 in Chamonix (France).

Question 7: What are Paralympics? When and where were the first Paralympics played? 

Answer: Paralympics are Olympic games for people with a disability. Paralympics first took place in Rome, Italy in 1960 featuring 400 athletes from 23 countries.

Question 8: Fill in the blanks: 

1. Zeus was the greatest of all the Greek gods.
2. The stadium of Olympia was destroyed in an earthquake.
3. The Olympic flag has five coloured rings.
4. The Olympics are held every four years.
5. The 2016 Olympics were held in Rio.
6. In 393 A.D., the Olympic Games were abolished by Emperor Theodosius.
7. Dr. Ludwig Guttmann organised the first competition for wheel chair athletes in 1948.
8. Devendra Jhajharia was the first Indian paralympian to win two gold medals at the Paralympics.

Question 9: How were the winners awarded during ancient Olympic Games?

Answer: Unlike the gold, silver and bronze medals of today, winners were given a wreath of leaves and a hero’s welcome back home during ancient Olympic Games.

Question 10: Why were the Olympic Games abolished in 393 A.D.?

Answer: In 393 A.D., the Olympic games were abolished by Emperor Theodosius because of the decline in their quality.

Question 11: In which year did women first compete in Modern Olympics?

Answer: Women first competed in Modern Olympics in 1900.

Question 12: Hosting the Olympics is very expensive. Yet many countries want to host them. Why? 

Answer: Though hosting the Olympics is very expensive but many countries want to host them because the Games can bring a lot of money to the host country as many tourists travel there during the games.

Question 13: Mention the dates associated with the following Olympic events: 

1. An earthquake destroyed the stadium of Olympia – 500 A.D.
2. Women first competed in Modern Olympics – 1900
3. First ever Youth Olympics was held – 2010
4. The first edition of the modern Summer Games was held – 1896
5. The first Olympic Winter Games was held – 1924
6. The first official Paralympic Games was held – 1976

Question 14: Write one or two sentences on each of the following:

1. The Olympic Torch

Answer: The Olympic Torch is lit several months before the Games start and is then carried by athletes, handed from one to another, across the world. 

2. Olympic Mascots

Answer: Every Olympic Games has its own mascot – an animal or object that is specially chosen for that year’s Games by the host country. Often the mascot is something that makes people think of the host country. For example – the mascot for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Russia was a bear called Misha.

3. The Olympic Motto

Answer: The Olympic motto is made up of three Latin words – CITIUS-ALTIUS-FORTIUS that embodies excellence by encouraging athletes to strive to do their best.

4. The Summer Olympics

Answer: The Summer Olympics are one of the biggest sports events in the world and they are held only once in every four years. More than ten thousand athletes from around the world come to the Summer Olympic Games and compete in more than three hundred events in twenty-eight different sports.

5. The Winter Olympics

Answer: The Winter Olympics are smaller, held in a different place, two years after the Summer Olympics.

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