The Four Puppets Questions & Answers

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The Four Puppets Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Honourable – deserving to be respected
  • Virtue – a good quality
  • Ogre – a man-eating giant
  • Sorcerer – a person who performs magic by using the power of spirits
  • Hermit – a person who lives alone, away from people and society
  • Prowling – moving about restlessly in search of prey
  • Gaping – here, staring in amazement
  • Huddles – holding arms and legs close to the body
  • Humble – ordinary
  • Headdress – a covering worn on the head on special occasions

Question 1: Why did Aung not want to be a puppet maker?

Answer: Aung did not want to be a puppet maker because to him such a life was far from exciting.

Question 2: What did the king of God represent and what advice did he give to Aung?

Answer: The king of God represented virtue of wisdom. He advised Aung that if he failed to see what was right before him, it would be easy for others to misguide him.

Question 3: Which puppet helped Aung in gaining the riches of the caravan and how?

Answer: The green faced ogre helped Aung in gaining the riches of the caravan. He stamped his foot and the earth shook as a result, dirt and rocks broke loose in a landslide and blocked the road. The drivers were terrified and ran away leaving their carts. Thus, Aung hurried and gathered the riches of the caravans.

Question 4: What did Aung gift Mala?

Answer: Aung gifted Mala a headdress set with large rubies, sapphires and emeralds, which cost one third of his wealth.

Question 5: What advice did the holy hermit give to Aung when Mala ran away?

Answer: When Mala ran away, the holy hermit advised Aung that what he had was not important but what he did with it was more important.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

‘The life of a puppet maker is an honourable one. But if you must go, let me give you companions for your journey.’

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: Aung’s father told this to Aung.

(b) Who wanted to leave? Why?

Answer: Aung wanted to leave because to him such a life was far from exciting. So, he decided to leave home and seek his fortune.

(c) Which companions is the speaker talking about?

Answer: The speaker is talking about four wooden puppets as companions.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘I’ll take you with me and care for you’.

(a) Who said these and to whom?

Answer: Aung said these to Mala.

(b) How did the speaker meet the listener?

Answer: Aung had frightened the drivers of the carts and forced them to run away. When he hurried to the carts to gather the riches, he heard the sob of a young woman huddled in one of the carts. He went to the cart and met the listener.

(c) What was the listener’s reaction to this?

Answer: The listener was very angry and refused to speak to Aung forever.

So, these were The Four Puppets Questions & Answers.

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