The Fisherman Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Fisherman Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Abbie Farwell Brown.
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The Fisherman Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does the fisherman go out at dawn?

Answer: The fisherman goes at dawn to the sea to fish and earn his livelihood.

Question 2: Why does the poet find the life of the fisherman strange?

Answer: The poet finds the life of the fisherman strange because he spends half of his time at sea and half on the shore. His life is unlike us as we spend all our time on land.

Question 3: Why has the poet compared the eyes of the fisherman to sea on foggy days?

Answer: The poet compared the eyes of the fisherman to sea on foggy days because just like the colour of the sea is not clear on foggy days, the expression in the fisherman’s eyes is mysterious and vague. They have seen many strange things too.

Question 4: Do you think the fisherman is happy doing his job?

Answer: Yes, the fisherman is contented with his life because he tells the wondrous tales of sea life and when he hears about the city- things he shows his dislike by shutting one eye.

Question 5: Why is the nature of the utmost importance in this poem?

Answer: Nature is given the utmost importance in the poem because the profession of the fisherman is based on nature – sea and fishing. He is dependent on nature for his livelihood.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

‘The fisherman has curious eyes; They make you feel so queer’.

(a) Why has the poet used the word ‘curious’ for the fisherman’s eyes?

Answer: The poet used the word curious for the fisherman’s eyes because he finds them strange and curious. He is curious to explore the mysteries of the sea.

(b) What do you think the fisherman has seen?

Answer: The fisherman has seen different unusual things which are sometimes wonderful and sometimes frightening.

(c) Why does the fisherman’s eye make the poet feel queer?

Answer: The fisherman’s eyes make the poet feel queer because they have a strange look in them unlike the eyes of people on land. He sees fear and mystery in his eyes.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

But when I tell of city things, He sniffs and shut one eye!

(a) What do the words sniffs and shuts one eye tell us about the fisherman’s feelings for the city?

Answer: The words ‘sniffs and shuts one eye’ tell that he dislikes the city life and is not interested in a city.

(b) Is the poet a city or countryside dweller? How can you tell?

Answer: The poet is a city dweller. The way the poet speaks about city life to the fisherman, confirms that the poet lives in a city.

(c) Are the poet and the fisherman acquainted with each other? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: Yes, the fisherman and the poet are acquainted with each other.  We come to know from the lines like:

“The fisherman goes out at dawn.”
“When I tell of city….”
“His life is strange.”
All these lines show that the poet knew about the fisherman’s profession, daily chores etc.

Question 8: Is the life of a fisherman an easy or a difficult one? Describe the hazards and adventures of his profession.

Answer: The life of a fisherman is a difficult one. His life is full of risks, when he is out at sea. He had to face bad weather and spend long hours at sea. Any mistake, might suddenly become fatal.
He has to work very hard for his livelihood. Thus, his life, even though adventurous, is different and difficult than city dwellers.

Question 9: Do you think the fisherman is happy with his job? Support your answer with three instances from the poem.

Answer:  Yes, the fisherman is very happy with his profession. The instances from the poem are:

“The fisherman goes out at dawn.”
“The wondrous tales he tells…”
“He knows so much of boats and tides….”
So, these were The Fisherman Questions & Answers.

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