Doctor Know It All Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Doctor Know It All Questions & Answers.

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Doctor Know It All Questions & Answers

Question 1: What worldly possessions did the poor peasant possess?

Answer: The poor peasant possessed a patch of woodland, a cart and a pair of oxen to pull it.

Question 2: What did the doctor asked Fish to do in order to become a doctor?

Answer: The doctor asked Fish to sell his two oxen and the cart and to buy some fine clothes, a few medicine bottle, pills and salve. The doctor also asked Fish to get an ABC book with a picture of a rooster inside, a board with words that read as ‘I AM DOCTOR KNOW IT ALL’ and to nail it over his door.

Question 3: Why did the lord come to Fish?

Answer: The lord came to Fish for a solution because he was robbed with a huge sum of money. On seeing the board, the lord thought Fish would be the right person who could find his stolen money.

Question 4: What did Fish do when he heard the knock at his door?

Answer: When Fish heard the knock at his door, he went to open it.

Question 5: Why did Fish excuse himself from the table?

Answer: Fish excused himself from the table because he noticed that the fourth servant winked at him. Thus, Fish followed the servant to the kitchen.

Question 6: What did the lord do to test Fish?

Answer: To test Fish of his ability, the Lord asked Fish if he could guess what was in the covered dish brought by the fourth servant.

Question 7: How did the lord reward Fish?

Answer: The Lord rewarded Fish by giving him a handful of gold and promised to spread his fame far and wide.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

If I could be a doctor too…

(a) To whom is Fish speaking?

Answer: Fish was speaking to himself.

(b) Where was Fish standing?

Answer: Fish was standing at the open door of a doctor’s house in village waiting for his payment.

(c) What dishes were a part of the heavenly dinner?

Answer: The dishes that were a part of the heavenly dinner were soup and roast, juicy vegetable, frosted cake and a dish of fruit.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

Well Doctor, you have guessed it! …

(a) To whom is this statement addressed?

Answer: This statement is addressed to Fish.

(b) What did the listener say before this statement was made?

Answer: The listener said, ‘Oh, you poor fish! you’re done for!’

(c) What was there in the dish that the listener has to guess?

Answer: There was fish in the dish that the listener had to guess.

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