Kali And The Rat Snake Questions & Answers

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Kali And The Rat Snake Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Kali’s father do for a living?

Answer: Kali’s father was one of the most famous snake-catchers of the Irula tribe. He used to catch and sell snakes to earn his livelihood.

Question 2: How much did snake cooperative pay for each poisonous snake?

Answer: The snake cooperative paid rupees 150 for each poisonous snake.

Question 3: When had Kali joined school?

Answer: Kali had joined school two months before.

Question 4: Why was Kali not happy to go to school?

Answer: Kali was not happy to go to school because he didn’t have any friends as he was an Irula.

Question 5: How did the students react to Kali? Why? Do you think their attitude was fair?

Answer: On the first day of school, the students giggled and nudged each other when Kali introduced himself. They also made fun of him as he was quite different from them. No, I think their attitude was unfair as they did not even try to know him and thought that he was weird.

Question 6: What had Kali brought for lunch?

Answer: Kali had brought fried termites for lunch.

Question 7: Why were the children in the class shouting for help?

Answer: The children in the class were shouting for help because they had seen a large rat snake.

Kali And The Rat Snake Questions & Answers

Question 8: What did Kali’s father tell him about rat snakes?

Answer: Kali’s father told him that rat snakes come mistaking the smell of humans to be that of rats.

Question 9: What happened when the snake arrived? Why was Kali only ‘surprised’?

Answer: Everyone in the classroom was in a state of panic when the snake arrived. The students shouted, tumbled over each other and ran around in confusion. Even the teacher hid himself under the table. Kali was only ‘surprised’ because all his life, he had been catching snakes with his father. He could not understand the unnatural behaviour of the other students on seeing a rat snake.

Question 10: How did the behaviour of the children change after Kali caught the snake?

Answer: After Kali caught the snake, the children started chanting his name. Everyone wanted Kali to sit next to them because he was brave to catch the snake.

Question 11: Irulas only went towards snake, not away from them. Explain.

Answer: The statement ‘Irulas only went towards snakes, not away from them’ explains the reaction of the Irula tribe on seeing a snake. The Irulas use their skill to capture poisonous snakes for the purpose of creating anti- venom serums. Hence, they are familiar with the behaviour of snakes and know how to act calmly around them.

Question 12: The snake has been described as a threatening one. Pick words and phrases to justify this.

Answer: The writer uses various words and phrases to justify that the snake was a large and scary one. She has described the snake as ‘over six feet long’ and having a ‘long, muscular body’. She also created suspense by describing how ‘slowly more and more of its body uncoiled from the beam’, before it dropped to the ground and created a state of panic in the classroom. When Kali came close to the snake, it reared back like a horse, opened its mouth wide, hissed and struck.

Question 13: Kali and his friends grinned secretly at each other. What were they grinned about?

Answer: Kali and his friends grinned secretly at each other because after Kali had caught the snake, the teacher pretended to be unafraid and scolded the class for having been ‘silly children’, afraid of a non-poisonous snake.This was funny because everyone had witnessed the teacher’s terror, first hiding under his desk and then on it and yelling ‘save me’ in total panic.

Question 14: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Kali’s father was a snake-catcher.
(b) He was from the Irula tribe.
(c) Kali’s teacher was kind.
(d) The snake came into the class from the roof.
(e) All the children in the class admired Kali’s courage.

Question 15: Write True or False:

(a) Kali lived in Kanathoor village – True
(b) The English teacher threw Kali out of the class – False
(c) Kali was afraid to catch the rat snake – False
(d) The children ran in all directions to bring a rope – False
(e) Everyone was clapping and cheering for Kali – True

So, these were Kali And The Rat Snake Questions & Answers.

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