Pret In The House Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Pret In The House Questions & Answers.

It is a humorous story written by Ruskin Bond. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Paper Boats, The Banyan Tree and The Old Gumbie Cat so, you can check these posts as well.

Pret In The House Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the grandfather decide to move to another house?

Answer: The grandfather decided to move to another house because a mischievous pret got into their house from a nearby peepul tree and enjoyed playing pranks with everyone. It hid grandmother’s spectacles, snipped off sweet peas on the ground in the garden, pulled off Uncle Ken’s bedclothes again and again, changed Aunt Minnie’s toothpaste with grandfather’s shaving cream tube, took out the ink from the writer’s inkpot and mixed into the soup. Further, he started a series of ghost’s mischiefs.

Question 2: How did the pret cause mischief during the day while he lived on the peepul tree?

Answer: While the pret was on the peepul tree, he troubled all the travellers on the road. He frightened the pony if a tonga passed along the path beneath the tree, resulting it to speed off in the wrong direction. Sometimes, the pret got into the engine of the car or bus which would result into its breakdown. He would also knock down the hats off the sahibs’ heads with the help of sudden breeze of wind.

Question 3: What was believed about the pret’s behaviour at night?

Answer: People avoided walking beneath the peepul tree at night. It was believed that if someone yawned beneath the tree and forgot to snap their fingers before his mouth, the pret would jump down the throat and ruin the person’s digestion.

Question 4: Why did the pret start troubling the family?

Answer: The pret started troubling the family because the author’s grandfather had permitted the PWD people to cut the peepul tree of the house for the expansion of the road.

Pret In The House Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did the pret do after it started staying in the writer’s bungalow?

Answer: The pret started his mischievous acts in order to trouble the family members. First, he hid the grandmother’s spectacles. Grandfather was the next one to be troubled. The pret went into the garden and snipped off his prized sweet peas lying on the ground. Then it was Uncle Ken’s turn to be awake all night because of the pret. The ghost pulled off his bedclothes again and again and he had to wake a dozen times to pick them from the floor. Further, vases fell off the tables, pictures fell from the walls. He also troubled Aunt Minnie by changing her toothpaste with the grandfather’s shaving cream tube and she appeared in the sitting room with her mouth foaming. The pret did not even spare the author. He could not do his homework as the ink bottle was always found to be empty and once that ink was found in the soup.

Question 6: How did the writer’s family discover the pret was shifting with them?

Answer: The family realized that the pret was travelling with them when they heard it chuckle twice and talk gleefully to itself about the prospects of fun in a new house.

Question 7: Do you like or dislike the pret? Give reasons.

Answer: The pret is a likeable fellow because apart from playing mischievous pranks, it didn’t really harm anyone or frighten people. It was just like a naughty child.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
“It had been on our land and they wanted to widen the road. The tree and a bit of the wall were in the way, so both had to go.”

(a) What is referred to as ‘it’ in the above line?

Answer: The peepul tree is referred to as ‘it’ in the above line.

(b) Who want to cut ‘it’ and why?

Answer: The PWD (Public Works Department) wanted to cut the peepul tree to widen the road.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
“Anyway, I agree about changing the house, I said breezily. I can’t even do my homework. The ink-bottle is always empty.”

(a) Who is the speaker of the above lines?

Answer: The young boy is the speaker of the above lines.

(b) Why did the speaker agree about changing the house?

Answer: The speaker agreed about changing the house because a miserable ghost had been making his family’s life intolerable.

(c) Who emptied the ink-bottle and where was it later found?

Answer: The pret in the house emptied the ink-bottle in order to play pranks on the family members. The ink was later found in the soup served during dinner.

So, these were Pret In The House Questions & Answers.

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